To departments concerned:

To fulfill the requirements of version 5.0 of the business environment reform task, advance the work of "Internet + real estate registration" in Beijing, deepen multi-point and multi-area cooperation, and fully extend the real estate registration service chain, Beijing will start the extension of the registration window for stock non-residential housing transactions among enterprises to China Beijing Equity Exchange on May 1, 2022 to realize the one-stop service mode of "transaction + registration" based on the "whole-process online registration of stock non-residential housing transactions among enterprises". Relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Scope of Application

For the registration of stock non-residential housing transactions within the jurisdiction of Beijing involved in the inter-enterprise asset transfer business conducted in China Beijing Equity Exchange, both parties can handle the real estate transaction and transfer registration simultaneously through the one-stop service window of "transaction + registration" set up in China Beijing Equity Exchange.

Ⅱ. Registration process

(1) Online application

After logging in to the "Beijing Municipal Online Service Platform for Real Estate Registration" by scanning the code of the electronic business license, the applicant authorizes the China Beijing Equity Exchange to handle the process and submit the following materials:

1. House sale contract;

2. Letter of commitment from both parties;

3. Power of attorney from both parties;

4. Original certificate of title;

5. Approval opinions on the buyer’s qualification issued by the local administrative authority or the park management department with regard to industrial projects planned for scientific research, the industrial sector, hotels, tourism, culture and entertainment;

6. Original purchase invoices or original purchase deed tax invoices;

7. Self-billed invoices of the housing transaction (small-scale taxpayers do not need to provide invoices if they entrust the tax agency to issue invoices);

8. Business license change certificate, if the number of the login certificate is inconsistent with that of the certificate obtained together with the real estate right and the system verification fails.

(2) Checking materials

The staff of China Beijing Equity Exchange is responsible for checking whether the application materials submitted by the applicant are fully prepared and assists the applicant to fill in the information, upload the materials and submit the application through the online service platform for real estate registration.

(3) Review and registration

After receiving the application, the real estate registration center shall complete the acceptance and review within one working day. After passing the review, the applicant can pay the real estate registration fee through the "Beijing Municipal Online Service Platform for Real Estate Registration" and download the unified non-tax receipts of Beijing (electronic version). After the payment is completed, the real estate registration center shall finalize the registration and issue the certificate. When the new certificate is issued, the real estate registration center shall announce the invalidation of the original certificate of title.

(4) Certificate collection

The applicant can obtain the electronic license of real estate through the "Beijing Tong" app, "Beijing Handheld Registration Center" app and the official WeChat account of "Beijing Real Estate Registration". To obtain a printed certificate, the applicant can bring the original of his/her ID card and the original certificate of title to the window or the self-service printer in the real estate registration hall in the area where the real estate is located. Applicants can also choose to have the printed version posted via EMS and pay upon delivery.

(5) Filing of materials

After the registration is completed, the real estate registration center shall file electronic records in line with relevant regulations. China Beijing Equity Exchange is not required to transfer paper materials.

Ⅲ. Working requirements

(1) Establishing coordination mechanisms

To strengthen the organizational leadership, Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources and China Beijing Equity Exchange jointly promote the extension of the registration window. Together, both sides aim to establish effective communication and feedback mechanisms, strengthen risk prediction, and continuously maintain close contact to solve various problems encountered in this process.

(2) Strengthening safeguard measures

Both sides shall continuously track business management, strengthen the supervision and management of the staff, and properly handle work such as policy interpretation, operation training and system operation and maintenance.

(3) Enhancing publicity and promotion

Both sides shall enhance the publicity and provide high-quality services so that enterprises can fully understand the policies related to improving the business environment, and truly benefit from the reform results.

Hereby notify the above.


Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources

April 28, 2022

(Contact: Zhou Yan, Rights Confirmation Registration Office; Tel: 55594610)




The Office of Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources. Printed and issued on April 28, 2022