The Administrative Measures of Beijing Municipality for Schools of Children of Foreign Nationals (hereinafter referred to as the Administrative Measures) is mainly revised as follows:

First, adjust the organizers of schools for children of foreign nationals. In accordance with the Administrative Measures revised, the organizers of schools for children of foreign nationals are no longer limited to " foreigners residing legally in China and branch institutions of foreign organizations, foreign enterprises or international organizations set up legally in China", but also include "Chinese individuals or social organizations other than state authorities".

Second, adjust the responsibilities of education authorities at municipal and district levels. Based on devolving the authority to approve schools for children of foreign nationals, the Administrative Measures makes the following adjustments: municipal education commission is responsible for the overall planning, comprehensive coordination, policymaking and macro management of all schools for children of foreign nationals in Beijing, while education commissions in all districts are responsible for the planning, approval and supervision of schools within their respective administrative regions, and for guiding schools to operate in accordance with laws and regulations; and examination, verification, filing and approval powers have also been delegated to district-level education commissions.

Third, identify the approval requirements for establishing new schools across districts. After the decentralization of examination and approval authorities, newly-established campuses across districts are beyond the jurisdiction of the education commission in the district where the original schools are located. The Administrative Measures revised clarifies that the application for establishing new schools across districts shall be made to the education authority in the district where the new schools are located, and applicants shall meanwhile report to the education authority in the district where the original schools are located for recording.

Fourth, identify the requirements for renewing school-running licenses. In order to implement the requirements for the reform to "streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services", Article 13 of the Administrative Measures clarifies that if a school for children of foreign nationals does not violate any laws or regulations during the licensing period and passes each annual review, it can automatically be granted a new license after the expiry date.

Fifth, identify the requirements for education and teaching management. In order to strengthen the management of teaching quality in schools for children of foreign nationals, a chapter on "teaching management" has been added to the Administrative Measures, clarifying the principle and requirements for the curriculum, teaching staff, facilities, student guidance and guarantee mechanisms in schools for children of foreign nationals.

(All information in this document is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

(Source: Beijing Municipal Education Commission)