Q: Which kind of enterprises are the Opinions applicable to?

A: The Opinions include the current 45 overseas talent entrepreneurship parks in the Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone and all overseas talent entrepreneurship enterprises in the parks.

Q: What are the main focuses of the Opinions?

A: The Opinions has proposed 17 specific measures covering six aspects to promote the construction of overseas talent entrepreneurship parks.

First, it will establish and improve the working system of overseas talent entrepreneurship parks. This mainly includes clarifying the functions and standardizing the evaluation management of overseas talent entrepreneurship parks.

Second, it will improve the services of overseas talent entrepreneurship parks. This mainly includes exploring more channels to attract talent, innovating working methods, improving service systems and optimizing information release channels.

Third, it will support the further development of overseas talent entrepreneurship enterprises in Beijing Municipality. This mainly includes enhancing the research development and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, encouraging the demonstration application of products and integrating them into the industrial ecological chain of the Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone.

Fourth, it will expand the financing channels for overseas talent entrepreneurship projects. This mainly includes facilitating equity financing, improving risk subsidy mechanisms, and reducing the financing costs for these enterprises.

Fifth, it will support and encourage excellent overseas talent to seek further development in Beijing Municipality. This mainly includes giving greater autonomy to talent introduction, supporting returnees to settle in Beijing Municipality, and giving talent the best possible conditions to make innovations.

Sixth, it will create a better entrepreneurship environment for overseas talent. This mainly includes focusing on cultural exchanges and giving a full play to the service functions of the association.

Q: What are the special features of these policies?

A: First, the policies aim to provide early services and strengthen communication with overseas talent. They will support overseas talent entrepreneurship parks to make greater efforts in attracting more talent who have not yet returned and provide direct services to them. Innovation elements required by the market, including space, funds, and support teams will be prepared in advance for overseas talent.Overseas talent entrepreneurship parks that have successfully attracted talent teams within the last three years will receive financial support. For example, they will support the pre-incubation of overseas projects, carry out Zhongguancun top-quality project roadshows for overseas talents projects and support overseas innovative teams applying for funds to carry out disruptive research and achievements commercialization.

Second, the policies aim to accelerate integration and will help overseas talent to adapt to the entrepreneurship environment. They will establish a whole process service system by assigning special personnel to facilitate talent or provide agent services to ensure a smooth start. They will also encourage overseas entrepreneurship enterprises to take part in the Zhongguancun characteristic industrial alliance and SaaS ecology union to solve industrial integration problems. They will also establish an "overseas talent home" to organize activities and parties, enriching overseas talents' life in Beijing. In addition, they will provide financial support to overseas talent entrepreneurship parks that help talent raise funding to make the most of resources to help talent get through the start-up period.

Third, the policies will give comprehensive support, covering various major aspects, to facilitate overseas talents' entrepreneurship in the Demonstration Zone. They will integrate "1+4" supporting measures, including targeted measures to support major projects and innovation platform construction, support fund management for improving innovation and optimizing the innovation environment, support fund management for optimizing entrepreneurship services and promoting talent development. It will also support fund management for promoting the integration of fintechs and their innovation and supporting fund management for the coordinated development of one zone and multiple parks, provide fintech and talent services to deliver subsidies for small and micro enterprises' research development, and provide support funds for cutting-edge and disruptive technologies. It will provide subsidies for insurance of pioneer products, subsidies for reducing angel investors' risk in investment, and support funds for scientific and technological development-specific credit. They will promote the Zhongguancun High-End Leading Talent Aggregation Program, Eaglet Talent Program and strengthen international cooperation to cover every aspect of the innovation and entrepreneurship for talent. In addition, the policies will focus on supporting overseas talent entrepreneurship parks to conduct roadshow forums and policy promotion for overseas talent and give financial support.

Fourth, the policies will encourage the parks to independently introduce talents and help them to play an important role in introducing and training talents. They will follow the needs of the market in introducing talents, ensure the parks play a key role in offering services for overseas talents, and form green channels for talent settlement in Beijing. They will recommend overseas talent entrepreneurship parks with outstanding performance to provide talent services independently, such as talent introduction and work and residence permits issuing, and recommend these parks to be listed in units that can independently formulate municipal talent plans. This will help to further facilitate the parks to find talents, recommend talents, provide better services for talents and ensure the talents' long-term development in the process of serving overseas talent enterprises.

Fifth, the policies will pay attention to the secure development of talents and provide services to screen legal risks. To help talents start their entrepreneurship with ease in the Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone, they will support the parks to provide legal risk screening services for overseas talents who start their businesses in the parks for the first time, issue early warnings of intellectual property rights related matters, and help the overseas talents make a good layout of intellectual property rights.


1. Overseas talent entrepreneurship parks: Entrepreneurship service organizations that have been involved in Zhongguancun overseas talent entrepreneurship park supporting system. These shall attract and support returnees or overseas talents to start a business in China and cultivate high-tech enterprises and science and technology entrepreneurs with innovation capacity and international competitiveness. The organizations shall also promote the high-tech development and the industrialization of technological achievements.

2. Overseas talents: Talents who have been recognized by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) or Beijing Overseas Talent Center; talents who have worked for at least two years in well-known overseas enterprises or overseas branches of well-known Chinese enterprises; overseas Chinese who have lived abroad for a long time; talents who have been recognized by relevant departments.

(All information in this document is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

(Source: Zhongguancun Special Talent Zone Building Promotion Center)