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The 2024 BOB Beijing MC Marathon will kick off on April 21 this year.

Scene from the 2023 Marathon

The 2024 Marathon covering 42.195 kilometers is open for registration from 14:00, March 7 to 20:00, March 20. Please scan the QR code below for registration~

The WeChat official account for Marathon

The website for Marathon

The WeChat official account "ttlyd”

How to register? Please bookmark the following process for future reference.

Take the registration with the WeChat official account for Marathon as an example. Start by following the WeChat official account!


Then please click on the "2024 Marathon" menu to access the "Registration Channel".


Please select either Marathon (42.195KM) or Mini Fun Run (5KM) and click "Register Now".

Make sure to read through the registration instructions and relevant commitment letter.

On the "Completing Registration" page, click "Add Participant" to fill in the information of "New Participant", and save the information once done.

After completing the "Marathon Quiz", click "Register Now". You’ll be directed to the "Confirming Registration" page, where you can submit the order to complete the registration.

Source: WeChat Official Account "bjtzfb"