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As the Spring Festival approaches, Qianmen Street has been adorned with red lanterns and posters with the Chinese character "福" symbolizing good fortune and luck. The celebration of the Spring Festival is already in full swing in the entire area.


At the Palace Museum's Store of Cultural and Creative Goods on Qianmen Street (故宫前门文创店), you can discoverChinese New Year-themed items like refrigerator magnets and bookmarks featuring dragon, a mythical creature and the zodiac sign of the upcoming Chinese New Year. These products have gained popularity among  young tourists.


The renowned Wu Yutai tea shop offers must-try tea-infused ice cream for tourists. Additionally, a diverse range of New Year's gift boxes are also available in the shop, which are quite popular among visitors.

Alongside classic food establishments like Duyichu (都一处) and Wonton Hou (馄饨侯), there is a restaurant named "宫宴" (Banquet in the Palace) that draws in many young patrons with creative dishes inspired by the Han-style cultural elements.


Stepping into Xianyukou Food Street, you will find numerous traditional Beijing snack stores such as Jinfang Snack Shop (锦芳小吃店), Tianxingju Restaurant (天兴居炒肝, which is renowned for Chaogan, also known as stir-fried pig livers), and noodles with soybean paste at No. 69 Fangzhuanchang Zhajiangmian (方砖厂69号炸酱面).



Apart from the popular offline shopping venues, Qianmen Street has also expanded into the world of online shopping. By opening the WeChat mini program "AR Qianmen Street" (AR前门大街) on your phone,  you can access  features such as "Find a Shop" (寻店) and "Events on the Street" (商街活动). By entering the section of "Events on the Street" (商街活动), you will have the chance to earn coupons by spinning the prize wheel and even receive delightful gifts after making a purchase at stores that issue these coupons.

Qianmen Street has a lineup of events scheduled from February 2 to February 24. These include immersive experiences like "48 hours on Qianmen Street" (前门48小时) and a campaign of lucky draws for free shopping, among others. Visitors can immerse themselves in the festive spirit at Qianmen Street through a range of events, including a China-chic cultural market, folk performances, flash mobs by renowned brands, digital experiences, and more.

(Source: Official WeChat account of Dongcheng District People's Government of Beijing Municipality)