2023-10-17  |  

The 2023 Liangma River International Arts Festival kicked off on the evening of October 15, 2023, and is scheduled to run until mid-November, featuring 38 outstanding cultural and artistic events from both China and the rest of the world.

Cultural and art troupes from Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe have been invited to the festival. They will stage performances, participate in market gatherings, and engage in cultural exchanges, including the China-Europe Cultural and Art Carnival and the Kisters Russian Ensemble's flash mob show "Versatile Celebrities". In addition to showcasing exotic cultures, the arts festival will also feature public welfare shows such as the 2023 Capital Citizens' Music Hall and the "People's Weekend Grand Stage".


This year's arts festival is scheduled to be held at multiple locations, with the Liangma River being the main stage where cultural performances will be presented on cruise ships. At the parks, business districts, and cultural and creative parks along the river, the audience can also enjoy other exciting events, such as a flash mob at SOLANA, the Chaoyang Masses LIVESHOW at Yansha pier, premium Art Season mini-performances, and the 2023 China-Europe Cultural and Art Carnival at Chaoyang Park, as well as the Latin American and Caribbean Music Festival at 751D·PARK.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)