Recently, 80 journalists from 68 countries, including Ethiopia and Vietnam, visited Huairou District, Beijing. They made their visits to the Yanqi Lake International Convention Center, Beigou Village of Bohai Town, and Beijing Yu Shi Yuan Food Co., Ltd., etc. to appreciate the infinite charm of the area, experiencing the infinite charm of China's main venue for diplomacy and significant state events, and decoding new mode of integrated development of agriculture, culture and tourism industry.


Foreign journalists pose in front of Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center.


Foreign journalists take photos at Yanqi Island.

Yanqi Lake International Convention Center was the venue for the 2014 APEC and two sessions of the Leaders' Round table Summit of the "Belt and Road" Forum for International Cooperation. It is also an important carrier of Beijing functioning as an international exchange center. Mohammed Latima, a reporter from Libya's Anadolu Agency, expressed, "Yanqi Lake is a picturesque place where many major conferences and forums have been held. China values cooperation with various countries around the world. I hope there will be more exchanges and cooperation between China and Libya in the future."


Foreign journalists take photos at Beigou Village.

On the afternoon of the event, foreign journalists visited Beigou Village in Bohai Township, Huairou District. The clean environment and perfect facilities in the village have attracted many international friends for long-term residence and property investment. At the Happy Senior Rest Home in Beigou Village, foreign journalists learned about innovative practices of China's elderly care in rural areas and believed that this initiative is worth extensive adoption and promotion by other countries. At the Brickyard Retreat, seeing bricks and tiles once abandoned in a glazed tile factory transformed into colorful glazed paths and glazed walls, the foreign journalists expressed that this fully embodies China's ecological concept of environmental protection.

At Beijing Yu Shi Yuan Food Co., Ltd., foreign journalists visited the modernized workshops and production lines and experienced the charm of combining traditional Beijing snack-making techniques with modern food science and technology up close.