[Photo via VCG]

This October, China's and Russia's top figure skating stars will come together at the Beijing National Speed Skating Oval's "Ice Ribbon" for a special limited-edition performance entitled "Magic on Ice".

The National Speed Skating Oval, known popularly as the "Ice Ribbon," has organized this independent brand project to be the first iconic event to take to the ice at the "Ice Ribbon" since the Winter Olympics. The show will be held from October 1 to 3, with tickets available on Damai and the official WeChat account of the National Speed Skating Oval. The organizers have prepared 800 randomly discounted tickets for sale on Damai.

The iconic Russian Dolls, Anna Shcherbakova, Alena Kostornaia, and Alexandra Trusova, will perform together for the first time in China. Chinese figure skating champions Pang Qing and Tong Jian will also make an appearance along with other top skaters. In all, two Olympic champions, eight world champions, and eleven national champions are slated to participate in the show.

(Source: Beijing Daily)