The 2023 Beijing China Art International Fair is to kick off on September 7 at Beijing Antique City.

Themed "Collecting: Making People's Lives Better", the fair is an important part of this year's China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). From September 7 to September 30, ten major events will take place, including the International Online Fair for Cultural Artifacts and Artworks, the Cultural Artifact and Artwork Exchange Conference of State-owned Cultural Relic Stores of China, the 3rd Panjiayuan Art Exhibition and Trade Fair of Folk Collections, the 15th Autumn Antique Art Fair, a gallery exhibition in the Beijing 798 Art Zone, public welfare appraisals and auctions.

The exhibition of fine cultural artifacts has been one of the highlights of CIFTIS in recent years. This year, the Fair has gathered more than 400 significant cultural artifacts and artworks from many famous cultural artifact circulation institutions and top collectors in China and other countries. The exhibits of the categories like porcelain, jade, furniture, and statuary span multiple dynasties of China.

An online trading fair of international artifacts and artworks will be introduced as a brand new event of the Fair, including more than 100 cultural artifact circulation institutions from ten countries including the UK, the US, France, and Italy, as well as more than 20 state-owned cultural artifact stores in China, bringing nearly 10,000 Chinese and Western cultural artifacts and artworks for online display and trading. An on-site interactive experience area will also be set up at Beijing Antique City to create a platform through which the collectors of cultural artifacts can exhibit and sell their collections.

From September 7 to 10, the Cultural Artifact and Artwork Exchange Conference of State-owned Cultural Relic Stores of China will take place in the Capital Library. More than 30 state-owned cultural relic stores across the country will bring tens of thousands of fine works for display and sale, including jade artifacts, porcelain artifacts, calligraphic works and paintings.

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In addition, a special public welfare auction will offer a total of 200 cultural artifacts as lots from private collectors and state-owned cultural artifact stores, including those of the categories of porcelain, jade, and others. All lots will be auctioned on a commission-free basis. In addition, ten large-scale public welfare appraisal activities will be held during the Fair.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)