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On the International Day of Families observed on May 15, Beijing Women's Federation, the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and Beijing NGO Network for International Exchanges jointly hosted the event "Celebrating International Day of Families Together - Beijing 2023". The event consists of sections for technical experiences, cultural exchanges, handicrafts and other activities. Chinese families and families in Beijing from nearly 10 countries, including Mexico, Mongolia, India, Cuba, and Iran, participated in the event.

Families from different countries around the world were fully immersed in parent-child activities featuring AI robots, sensors for aircraft-related science popularization, and low-carbon power generators. Offering unique experiences, these activities helped to bring different families closer to each other and enhance their relationships. Meanwhile, these activities demonstrated the vitality of Beijing as an international center for scientific and technological innovation.


Chinese martial arts performances and the shadow puppetry show titled "Da Nao Tian Gong" (Havoc in Heaven) displayed some of the charms of the traditional Chinese culture for the participating families. Under the guidance of the intangible cultural heritage inheritors of "Beijing Qiaoniang Crafts", families also got the chance to make traditional artworks of paper cutting, movable typing, and round fan decorating techniques. The connections between families from different countries were strengthened through this event of cultural exchange.

(Source: Beijing Daily)