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2022-05-11  |  

Beijing Through Foreigners' Lens, a featured column on the official web portal of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality (, is designed to show the city through the eyes of foreigners, including but not limited to the scenery, culture and daily life of citizens in Beijing, to reflect the city's development in the new era.

The column is now accepting photo submissions from foreigners. Do you want to see your photographs featured on Beijing's international website available in eight languages? Come and join us to show Beijing through your lens!


The Temple of Heaven is covered with snow. [Photo by George Doupas from Greece]


The Shougang Big Air is brightly lit [Photo by Martin from Croatia]


A performer on stage [Photo by Hariandi Hafid from Indonesia]


Vibrant Beijing [Photo by Kien Fan Cesar Hung Sam from Venezuela]

1. Content

Photos about Beijing showing the natural scenery, daily life for local residents and the rich culture of the city, etc.

2. Participants

Foreigners in Beijing or travelling to Beijing

3. Requirements

(1) No style limitations. The submission can be color photos, black and white photos, a single photo or a set of photos, but it should be original files in JPG format with high resolutions.

(2) Please include name, nationality and phone number of the contributor, and title, date, location and brief introduction of the photos being submitted.

(3) The contributor shall submit original works and the contributor is entitled to all legal rights.

4. How to Participate

Send the photos to the email address:

5. Contribution Fee

The selected photos will be displayed in the Beijing Through Foreigners' Lens column on the official web portal of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and the contributor will be paid a fee of CNY 50 per photo.