The responsibilities of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs are as follows:

I. Implementing the national development strategy, medium- and long-term planning, major policies and relevant laws, regulations and rules on the work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Organizing the preparation of the drafts of relevant local laws and regulations and government regulations on agriculture and rural affairs in Beijing Municipality, and organizing the formulation of relevant policies and coordinating the implementation thereof. Participating in the formulation of policies on prices, purchasing and storage, financial insurance, etc. related to agriculture. Guiding the comprehensive law enforcement work on agriculture.

II. Coordinating and promoting the development of Beijing's rural social undertakings, rural public services, rural culture and rural infrastructure. Taking the lead in organizing and improving rural living environment. Participating in the preparation and revision of the construction plans for villages and towns, and coordinating and promoting the construction of villages and towns. Guiding the protection and development of traditional villages. Making overall planning and coordinating the work of increasing farmers' income and providing assistance to low-income farmers. Organizing the regional division of agricultural resources, and guiding the coordinated development of agricultural regions.

III. Being responsible for guiding the operation management of rural cooperative economy in Beijing Municipality. Studying and putting forward policy recommendations on deepening the reform of the rural economic system and consolidating and improving the basic management system for rural economy. Being responsible for farmers' contracted land and reform of rural homestead, and providing guidance to relevant administration work. Being responsible for the reform of the rural collective property right system, and guiding the development of rural collective economic organizations and the administration of collective assets. Guiding the construction and development of farmers' cooperative economic organizations, agricultural socialized service systems and new type of agribusinesses.

IV. Guiding the development of Beijing's rural characteristic industries, agricultural products processing industries and leisure agriculture. Working together with relevant authorities to make overall planning of promoting the integration and development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas and promote the transformation, optimization and upgrading of rural industrial structure. Being responsible for the organization and coordination of agricultural industrialization. Organizing and guiding the circulation of agricultural products, and studying and putting forward relevant policy recommendations. Cultivating and protecting agricultural brands. Undertaking the collection and analysis of market supply information and price information of major agricultural products. Being responsible for the work related to rural economic statistics and informatization on agriculture and in rural areas.

V. Organizing the building of a modern agricultural industry system, production system and management system in Beijing Municipality. Being responsible for promoting the development, supervision and administration of farming, animal husbandry, fishery, agricultural mechanization and other agricultural industries. Guiding the production of agriculture products. Being responsible for safe production in the agricultural industry according to the law.

VI. Being responsible for the supervision and administration of the quality safety of edible agricultural products at the stage of farming and before their entry into wholesale and retail markets or production and processing enterprises. Being responsible for organizing the quality and safety inspection and tracing of agricultural products. Guiding the building of agricultural inspection and testing system. Administering the standardization of agricultural industry and agricultural product quality and safety in accordance with law, and formulating relevant local standards and organizing the implementation, supervision and inspection thereof.

VII. Guiding the protection and administration of the basic farmland, fishery waters and agricultural biological species resources in Beijing, and being responsible for the protection of aquatic wildlife, the quality protection of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland. Guiding the environmental management of agricultural production areas and clean agricultural production. Guiding the development of facility agriculture, ecological circular agriculture, water-saving agriculture and the comprehensive development and utilization of renewable energy in rural areas. Being responsible for the administration of wetland protection.

VIII. Being responsible for the supervision and administration of the means of agricultural production and agricultural inputs in Beijing Municipality. Organizing the implementation of national standards for the means of agricultural production, veterinary drug quality, veterinary drug residue limits, residue detection methods, etc. Organizing the veterinary administration, veterinary drug administration and inspection thereof. Being responsible for the administration of the animal disease diagnosis and treatment and livestock and poultry slaughtering industries.

IX. Being responsible for the prevention and mitigation of agricultural disasters and the prevention and control of major crop pests and diseases in Beijing Municipality. Being responsible for the administration of prevention and control of animal and plant diseases, and undertaking the specific work of Beijing Major Animal and Plant Disease Emergency Response Headquarters. Monitoring and releasing information on agricultural disasters, organizing the reservation and allocation of disaster relief supplies such as seeds and fertilizers, putting forward advice on the arrangements of the relief funds for production, and guiding the emergency relief and post-disaster production restoration.

X. Being responsible for the administration of agricultural investment in Beijing Municipality. Putting forward suggestions on the reform of agricultural investment and financing system and mechanism. Formulating the construction plan of agricultural investment projects arranged at the municipal level, putting forward suggestions on the scale and direction of agricultural investment and financial projects to support agricultural and rural development, examining and approving agricultural investment projects according to the given administrative authorization, and being responsible for the arrangement, supervision and management of the funds of the agricultural investment projects. Being responsible for the management of agricultural comprehensive development projects, farmland improvement projects and farmland water conservancy construction projects. Organizing the formulation of plans and arrangements for fiscal funds for supporting agriculture, and coordinating the implementation of relevant policies. Coordinating and promoting policy-backed agricultural insurance. Coordinating and guiding rural financial work.

XI. Promoting the reform of the agricultural science and technology system and the building of the agricultural science and technology innovation system in Beijing Municipality. Advancing the building of the agricultural industry technology system, the agricultural technology promotion system and the cultivation system for new-type professional farmers, and organizing research on high-tech and applied technologies, transformation of scientific research results and technological achievements and technology promotion in the agricultural field. Being responsible for the safety supervision and administration of agricultural transgenic organisms and the protection of new varieties of agricultural plants. Undertaking the work of foreign exchange and cooperation on agriculture and rural affairs.

XII. Studying and formulating the programs and annual guidance plan for the development of mountainous areas in Beijing Municipality. Cooperating with relevant authorities to organize the implementation of construction projects in mountainous areas. Guiding the relocation of farmers dwelling in mountainous areas, the construction of ecological valleys and so forth. Cooperating with relevant authorities to study and formulate plans for the protection and development of ecological conservation areas and the ecological compensation mechanism.

XIII. Performing other tasks assigned by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.  

XIV. Transformation of functions.

1. Coordinating the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, deepening the structural reform on the agricultural supply side, improving the quality of agricultural development, making solid progress in the construction of beautiful rural areas, promoting the all-round upgrading of agriculture, the all-round progress of rural areas and the all-round development of farmers, and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

2. Strengthening the supervision and administration of the quality and safety of agricultural products and related means of agricultural production and agricultural inputs, adhering to the strictest standards, the most stringent supervision, the severest punishment and the most serious accountability, and strictly preventing, controlling and regulating quality and safety risks, so as to reassure the general public about food safety.

3. Further promote the streamlining of administration and delegate power to the lower levels, strengthening the overall integration of agricultural investment projects that are overlapping within the industry, and have the same nature or share similar purposes, minimizing the scope of project examination and approval, further delegating the approval authority to lower levels, strengthening interim and ex-post supervision, and effectively improving the effect of the municipal and national policies on supporting agriculture and the effectiveness of the use of funds.

XV.  Division of responsibilities.

Division of responsibilities with Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation.

1. The municipal bureau of agriculture and rural affairs shall be responsible for the supervision and administration of the quality of edible agricultural products at the stage of farming and before their entry into wholesale and retail markets or production and processing enterprises. After edible agricultural products enter the wholesale and retail markets or production and processing enterprises, they shall be subject to the supervision and administration by the municipal administration for market regulation.

2. The municipal bureau of agriculture and rural affairs shall be responsible for the supervision and administration of quality in prevention and control of animal and plant diseases, livestock and poultry slaughtering and raw milk purchase.

3. The two authorities shall establish a production place exit, market access and traceability mechanism for food safety, strengthen coordination, cooperation and working linkage, and form a synergy of regulation.