A number of performances will be staged to celebrate the Chinese New Year. During the Spring Festival this year, the prominent Theatres in Beijing are set to present numerous concerts, shows and more, featuring the most talented and renowned artists as well as spectacular offers!

From February 2 to 29, the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Zhongshan Park will stage 10 exhilarating performances, featuring a diverse range of musical genres including symphonies, violin solos, folk music, and traditional Mongolian long-tune folk songs, as well as acrobatics and Xiangsheng (a form of Chinese comedy).

Chinese Rhythm and Sound: Large-scale Concert of Peking Opera Masters and Masterpieces for Chinese New Year 

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On the first day of the Chinese New Year, the leading actors and actresses of Jingju Theatre Company of Beijing, together with other elite performers of young, middle-aged and senior generations, will joyously serenade the audience with the traditional opera songs and melodious Beijing rhyme. The performance will commence with "Ying Chun Qu" (literally means "Spring Melody"), a traditional Peking Opera song, followed by a selection of popular singing segments from "Lin Suo Nang" (The Jewelry Purse), "Mu Gui Ying Gua Shuai" (Mu Guiying Takes Command), "Tai Zhen Wai Zhuan" (Tales of Imperial Concubine Yang), "Zhan Tai Ping" (The Battle of Taiping), "Yu Men Guan" (Yumen Pass) and "Da Deng Dian", among other famous operas.

Time: 19:30 on February 10

Venue: Forbidden City Concert Hall in Zhongshan Park

The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA), in collaboration with Beijing Arts Centre, and Taihu Theatre of NCPA, will present 37 wonderful performances in 77 sessions from February 1 to 24, delighting the audience with music, dance, and other theatrical surprises during the Spring Festival holiday.

Spring Festival Concerts of Golikov and State Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Region 

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The conductor Mikhail Golikov will lead the State Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Region to present three Chinese New Year concerts at the NCPA Concert Hall.

Date: February 11 to 13

Venue: Concert Hall, National Centre for the Performing Arts

Irish Tap Dance Show "Spirit of the Dance"

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With 25 years of world touring, having entertained over 20 million people, the Irish tap dance show "Spirit of the Dance" is set to grace the stage at the NCPA's opera house. This performance is based on the traditional Irish tap dance, where the dancers' footwork of excitement resembles the rhythm of a high-speed train, executed with precision and finesse in uniformity.

Date: February 11 to 16

Venue: Opera House of NCPA

Premium Magic and Acrobatic Feast "XINXI Magic Show"

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"XINXI Magic Show" will present the audience with unique acrobatic and high-quality magic performances that are rarely seen in China's domestic performing arts market. Through innovative and exquisite acrobatic skills, lively and dynamic music, and captivating performances, the show will convey the beautiful wishes of the Year of the Dragon to the audience.

Date: February 11 to 12

Venue: Taihu Theatre of NCPA

In addition, Beijing Comedy Theatre will unveil the "Chinese New Year Ballet Art Week" from February 11 to 16, featuring classic ballets performed by the Russian State Classical Ballet, including "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker". From February 17 to 23, Beijing Comedy Theatre will join hands with NewLive to present the "X-Theatre Screening Week of Theatrical Plays" featuring eight high-definition films of plays, with most of them being the greatest hits, such as "The Good Man Hurd" starring David Tennant, the British National Theatre's adaption of "Life of Pi", and Benedict Cumberbatch's version of "Hamlet".

(Sources: Forbidden City Concert Hall, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing Performance and Arts Group)