On the evening of the winter solstice, the "Light of Shuangjing" light show was unveiled. Coveringan area of approximately 1,500square meters, this light show isone of the main landscapesof Beijing's first digital economy-themed park.It is locatedat the intersection of Beijing-Harbin Railway and the East Third Ring Road, in close proximityto thebusiness district aroundChina World Trade Center.

The digital economy-themed parkat night

Citizenstaking photos inthe digital economy-themed park

Themusic fountain named "Light of Shuangjing" locatedin the digital economy-themed park usesvirtual projection imaging technology to displaythe image of two "wells" (the literal senseof Shuangjing). Adjacent tothe east of the "Light of Shuangjing" is another prominentlandscape, the "Shuangjing Window". The 28-meter-long track of the"Shuangjing Window" enablesresidents to monitor their physical parameters in real-time and record theirdynamic running data while exercising.

Childrenrunningwith digital characters at the "Shuangjing Window"

According to reports, the Shuangjing Subdistrict has establishedthe city's firstdigital economy-themed park by demolishing 17,000 square metersof unauthorizedbuildings along the Beijing-Harbin Railway. Going forward,the Shuangjing Subdistrict will also be invitingtechnology companies to showcase their latest technological advancements and constructa park that is sustainable.

Thepark features ahigh-speed train headlight installation

(Source: The Beijing News)