Nighttime Beijing: 'Fantasy Night Tour Season' Launched at Dragon Seal 1910 Cultural and Creative Industry Park


Two young visitors experiencing the virtual "sea waves"

Dragon Seal 1910 Cultural and Creative Industry Park, located in Beijing's Haidian District, is now one of the integrated consumption spots of the event "Nighttime Beijing" of Beijing Consumption Season. The sub-event, titled "A Night So Fantastical" and launched on August 25 here, will run until October 31.


A young visitor playfully interacts with an induction-type "blossoming streetlight".

The nighttime tour, centered around captivating light and shadow shows, features the works of lighting art masters and 56 other artists in an art gallery that once served as a winery.


Citizens watching the animals projected on the old winery's wall

At night, the park transforms into a hub for the cultural and creative marketplace, family-friendly fun, late-night dining, trendy toys, sports, and other engaging activities, crafting a distinctive nighttime consumption scenario.


A three-dimensional robotic hand displayed on a large screen


Citizens enjoying a light and shadow show featuring Vincent van Gogh's works


Young visitors boating in a pool


Citizens dining inside a tent


The park's art gallery presents works of lighting art masters and 56 other artists.


A light and shadow show on the ground

(Source: The Beijing News)