Beijing Traditional Opera Museum: A Journey into Origins of Peking Opera

Beijing Traditional Opera Museum is housed in the historic Huguang Guild Hall at Hufangqiao, Xicheng District. This building, known as the "capital's No.1 guild hall", recently reopened after a year and a half of restoration work. The upgraded museum features a range of new exhibitions. Among them, the "Birthplace of Peking Opera" showcases a collection of rare documents, artifacts, pictures and audio-visual materials, offering visitors a deeper insight into the origins of Peking Opera in Xicheng.


Through the use of innovative technology, the museum offers an interactive experience for visitors. The multimedia project "Peking Opera Goes Digital" provides a fascinating journey through the history of Peking Opera, allowing visitors to explore the inception and beauty of the traditional culture with ease. Additionally, a digital map in the exhibition enables visitors to discover the locations of main opera troupes and famous actors' residences in Xicheng's Xuannan area, the birthplace of Peking Opera, providing a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and resources of the area.