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On March 6, the "White Dagoba Academy", adjacent to the historical White Dagoba of Miaoying Temple with a 750-year legacy, opened its doors to the public.

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White Dagoba Academy Opens

Situated in the No. 21 Courtyard of White Dagoba Temple's East Jiadao, the White Dagoba Academy spans over 1,000 square meters. The No. 21 Courtyard was originally a miscellaneous courtyard occupied by 27 households, and then they were evacuated after negotiation. After vacating the house, rather than opting for simple renovations, the No. 21 courtyard was meticulously transformed into a Qing dynasty-style complex with a progressive four-courtyard layout based on its original architectural structure, reproducing the traditional Chinese palace-style architecture.

The Academy is envisioned as a multifaceted urban cultural project integrating reading and leisure, exhibitions, business meetings, cultural salons, and catering receptions. It boasts a collection of over a thousand books and albums themed around urban life, alongside culturally rich products unique to Beijing. As for dining offerings, it includes hot pot dishes with healthy and fresh ingredients and creatively crafted coffee and tea beverages.

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The White Dagoba Academy is just a wall away from the famous White Dagoba of Miaoying Temple.

In addition to book reading, cultural lectures, and conference activities, the Academy plans to utilize its elegantly distributed indoor and outdoor spaces for exhibitions, sales of cultural and creative artworks, and tastings of tea and wine.

(Source: The Beijing News)