Fang Suo Commune Bookstore's first store in Beijing is poised to make its public debut on January 20, situated on the second floor of Wukesong Wanda Plaza in Haidian District. Spanning an expansive area of 2,500 square meters, the bookstore, centered around books, blends design, cultural creativity, fashionable clothing, and family reading experiences, among other elements to shape itself into a cultural lifestyle landmark.

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The first Fang Suo Commune Bookstore in Beijing is ready to open.

Following its opening, the bookstore will be committed to hosting upscale cultural and artistic events to extend its functions relevant to public art and culture while fostering an urban cultural IP landmark, to deliver distinct reading experiences and heightened reading values to the public.

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The themed book selection area in Beijing's first Fang Suo Commune Bookstore

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The family reading area in Beijing's first Fang Suo Commune Bookstore

Since its opening in September last year, Wukesong Wanda Plaza has exhibited more than 200 artworks in collaboration with over ten artists from China and other countries. In addition, it has joined forces with nearly ten art academies and institutions, including Beijing Haidian Culture Center, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, to curate a diverse range of art exhibitions and introduce artistic practices of different types, to create a new hub among all the aesthetic living spaces in the city.

(Source: The Beijing News)