2024-01-04  |  

As the new year begins, Dongcheng District in Beijing has launched the Wangfujing Book Fair, which will run until January 30.

The book fair is a joint effort between seven bookstores and large book malls, including China Books, Foreign Languages Bookstore, Xinhua Bookstore (Beijing), Beijing Books Building, Wangfujing Bookstore, Zhongguancun Book Building, and Yayuncun Book Building. It offers citizens a variety of activities such as purchasing books, attending exhibitions, and participating in ancient book restoration.

The launch of the Wangfujing Book Fair

Wangfujing Book Fair promotes the popularization of knowledge on ancient books.

Foreign Languages Bookstore presents an exhibition vehicle themed on "Reading the World".

Zhongguancun Book Building sets up the "Meeting the Dream of the Red Chamber" themed exhibition booth.

The Book Fair has also specially established a section for antique books, featuring over 2000 types of rare old books in three major categories: Beijing's history, Chinese and foreign literature, and historical materials. Additionally, various well-known bookstores have introduced a variety of themed activities. For example, the Foreign Languages Bookstore presented a "Reading the World" themed exhibition vehicle, showcasing various imported original publications. Wangfujing Bookstore crafted a "Beijing Impression" themed scene, allowing readers to embrace the pulse of Beijing's history as a modern metropolis. Zhongguancun Book Building launched a "Meeting the Dream of the Red Chamber" themed exhibition booth, offering a wide array of versions of "Dream of the Red Chamber" themed books.

(Source: The Beijing News)