[Photo via VCG]

On July 5, Beijing and Abu Dhabi jointly signed the Letter of Intent on Establishment of Friendly Relationship, officially commencing the process of establishing friendly relations between the two cities. The foci of cooperation will be urban planning, smart cities, scientific and technological innovation, and more.

It is reported that the official exchanges between Beijing and Abu Dhabi started in 2008, and the two cities have been engaging in cooperation in the fields of municipal services, urban planning, and infrastructure construction, among others. A delegation from the People's Government of Beijing Municipality paid a visit to the United Arab Emirates in May this year, when Beijing and Abu Dhabi reached a consensus on further deepening friendly exchanges between the two cities. The representatives of the two cities expressed their commitment to strengthening exchanges in terms of urban development strategies, modernization governance, and, in particular, promoting mutual learning and exchanges in the field of smart transportation.

Currently, Beijing has established friendly relations with 55 cities, with its international network of sister friends spanning the five continents of the world.

(Source: Beijing Daily App)