[Photo via the Official Website of Pinggu District People's Government of Beijing Municipality]

Representatives of Pinggu District in Beijing and Spoleto in Italy held an online meeting on March 24. After making brief introductions, both sides spoke about their economic and social development conditions and exchanged in-depth views on the links between their home industries.

A spokesperson from Pinggu District said that Pinggu is a region with rich and profound culture and distinct geographical advantages. It is similar to Spoleto in terms of resources, with main industries such as cultural tourism, logistics, food and health and smart manufacturing. Thus, Pinggu hopes to invite Spoleto to participate in the China (Beijing) Leisure Conference and World Agri-Food Innovation Conference. Both sides should find the right direction to enhance cooperation, and aim to promote people-to-people exchanges and enterprises' cooperation, helping realize mutual benefits and development.

Giovanni Paloli, Director of the Economic Development Bureau of Spoleto, said that Spoleto is also a city with a long and rich history, where high-quality agricultural products with regional characteristics are produced, such as olive oil, white wine and truffles. They hope that a Pinggu District delegation will participate in Italy's Festival dei Due Mondi (Festival of Two Worlds), and would like to seek more potential cooperation with Pinggu in terms of agriculture, cultural tourism, logistics and machinery manufacturing.

In the future, Pinggu and Spoleto will continue to further strengthen friendly exchanges, finding ways to connect their industries and advancing the implementation of joint projects to improve regional, high-quality economic development.

(Source: Beijing Pinggu District Convergence Media Center)