Recently, the "Smart Tourism Development Conference and Smart Tourism Demonstration Event", jointly hosted by the Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the PRC and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, commenced in Jiangsu. At the conference, the Shougang No.1 Blast Furnace - SoReal Science Fiction Paradise project, jointly developed by the Sky Limit Entertainment and Shougang Group, successfully made it into the first batch of pilot projects for "5G + Smart Tourism" applications.
Shougang No.1 Blast Furnace - SoReal Metaverse Park, a collaboration between Sky Limit Entertainment and Shougang Group, stands as the world's first fully immersive space exploration-themed sci-fi complex, integrating culture, technology, entertainment, and consumption. Located in Shougang Park, Shijingshan District, the project leverages "5G+XR" technology to revive a century-old historic heritage site. Once completed, it will not only serve as a nationwide example for immersive offline experiences in the metaverse industry, but will also be the world's first international cultural and technological amusement park combining XR technology with industrial heritage.
With a construction area of approximately 20,000 square meters, Shougang No.1 Blast Furnace - SoReal Science Fiction Paradise was renovated with cutting-edge technologies such as VR, AR and holographic imaging while preserving the original structure and external industrial architectural style of the blast furnace. It incorporates a variety of innovative projects developed by Sky Limit, including a virtual reality museum, immersive tech shows, VR-powered human-machine combat games, VR-featured esports, Winter Olympics smart sports product experience area, specialty merchandise zone, interactive restaurant of futuristic style complemented by light and shadow, and light and shadow interactive bar powered by holography. The park covers future tech playgrounds, themed showrooms, tech exhibition halls, art exhibitions, and experiential businesses, providing visitors with a metaverse space that integrates retail, dining, culture, entertainment, and services -- a beautiful ecological circle of science and culture. A new landmark in Beijing will soon emerge from the transformation of this century-old industrial site.
(Source: Official WeChat Account of "Promotion Center of Shijingshan Cultural and Creative Industry")