Recently, at the 2023 Global Digital Economy Benchmark City Construction press conference, officials from Beijing E-Town introduced policy measures for advancing the construction of the Beijing Data Foundation Pilot Zone.

A string of numbers -- 739, 90 percent, 1000P -- highlighted the "report card" of Beijing E-Town's accelerated construction of a global digital economy benchmark city pilot zone.

739 autonomous vehicles on the road

In the field of intelligent connected vehicles, Beijing E-Town has established several urban-level innovative scenario applications, promoted the construction of a cloud-controlled high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone, and released the world's first open-source intelligent connected roadside operating system -- "Zhilu OS", and the world's first time-space vehicle-road cooperative dataset based on real road scenes.

As of now, 739 autonomous vehicles from 22 testing companies have been deployed, covering eight application scenarios (Robotaxi, unmanned retail, unmanned delivery, unmanned patrol, unmanned shuttle, Robobus, trunk logistics, and autonomous driving sanitation). These applications provide regular travel and life services to over 2 million people.

Over 90 percent of top information technology enterprises converge

At the National Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI) Base, a complete industry chain covering the various fields of the information technology innovation industry is coming into being.  

More than 90 percent of China's top information technology enterprises, that is, nearly 270 companies, have gathered here, advancing over 20 national information technology innovation projects.

The area has generated over a thousand patents and transformed more than a thousand products,.

In 2022, the output value of the new generation information technology industry cluster reached CNY 120.93 billion (USD 17.08 billion), with a growth rate of 10.7 percent, accounting for 32.6 percent of the city's total. The revenue of the software and information services industry was CNY 97.55 billion, with a growth rate of 18.2 percent.

1000P computing power center to be operational next year

According to plan, Beijing E-Town will conduct data pilot projects within a 32-square-kilometer area centered on the Taihu region.

It will establish the Data Pilot Zone Management Service Center and Data Cross-border Service Center in the Beitou Taihu Industrial Park and in the Data Training Base of the ITAI Park.

Leveraging the advantages of the information technology industry in the area, Beijing E-Town is expediting the construction of a 1000P (1P is approximately equal to a calculation speed of 10 trillion times per second) public intelligent computing power center.

The plan is to launch and operate the center early next year, providing flexible, convenient, and secure trusted computing power supply for high-end enterprises in autonomous driving, smart transportation, healthcare, intelligent manufacturing, and more.