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District: Huairou District

Address: Huairou District and Miyun District, Beijing

Introduction: Huairou Science City is located in the northeast of Beijing, mainly in Huairou District and expanded to some parts of Miyun District, with a planned area of 100.9 square kilometers, of which: the part in Huairou is 68.4 square kilometers, accounting for 67.8% of the planned area, and the part in Miyun is 32.5 square kilometers, accounting for 32.2% of the planned area.

Huairou Science City is based on breakthroughs in cutting-edge technologies such as key core technology and disruptive technology led by the five scientific directions and the linkage of cutting-edge technology and high-end related industry policy sources, takes the construction of science and technology service industry (1) meeting the requirements of science and technology development as the link, focuses on the layout of 5 "hard science and technology" frontier industries, i.e. new material, life and health, intelligent information and precision instrument, space and earth exploration, energy conservation and environmental protection, and simultaneously incubates and cultivates future leading industries (X).                                                                

At present, Huairou Science City is speeding up the formation of a "1 + 5 + X" industrial system, actively introducing technology-based enterprises and their R&D links for centralized development, and building a service system to promote the accelerated transformation of scientific and technological achievements.                                                                                      

Huairou Science City will continue to strengthen the strategic role of emerging industries, break through the innovation chain of "basic research - applied research - technological breakthrough – commercialization," adhere to the combination of introduction and cultivation, promote the organic linkage between the advantages of basic scientific research and industrial development needs, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and form a two-way coordinated industrial development system.

Name of the Management Committee: Management Committee of Beijing Huairou Science City

Contact Person of the Management Committee: Yang Guang

Contact Number of the Management Committee: 8610-61663650