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On December 9, the launching ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Cultural Tourism Season and the 37th Happy Winter Season of Yanqing District took place at Yanqing National Alpine Ski Centre opened to the public for the first time. Focusing on winter cultural tourism, the event aims to promote cultural tourism consumption and support the comprehensive resumption of the operation and production of cultural tourism and relevant industries in Beijing. The event is held under the theme of "Hi Yanqing: Passion for Winter Sports in the Most Beautiful Winter Olympics City". 


[Photot via Official WeChat Account "Shijingshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau"]

In the context of the post-Winter Olympics era, to support the growth of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Corridor, the 2022 Beijing Winter Cultural Tourism Season will carry out cooperation between cities and districts and integrate cultural tourism elements including winter sports, winter amusement parks, folk customs, intangible cultural heritage, hotels and B&Bs, delicacies, fruit picking, and scenic areas. The cultural tourism season consists of six sections for tourists, namely winter sports, hot springs, delicacies, ice lanterns, fruit picking, and micro vacations. Approximately 60 activities will offer tourists attractive and unique winter experiences and provide an integrated winter cultural tourism solution that covers all elements of tourism, such as food, accommodation, tour routes and entertainment. Thus, tourists will have fantastic experiences during their winter trips to Yanqing District. Tourists can enjoy all the activities by the end of February 2023.


[Photot via Official WeChat Account "Shijingshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau"]

In November this year, the Plan on Outdoor Sports Industry Development (2022-2025) was released to accelerate the development of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Corridor and promote winter sports in northeastern China, northern China and northwestern China. A leading area for winter sports, with international influence in northern China, is to be established. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism released eight routes for the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Corridor. The eight routes include abundant cultural tourism and sports resources, including winter sports activities, cultural experiences, outdoor leisure activities, ecological healthcare resorts, and short-term accommodations and vacations, which will help tourists who love sports and traveling to have a comprehensive understanding of the cultural charm of Beijing and Zhangjiakou. By announcing these routes, the Bureau also aims to continue to make the most of the venues built for the Olympic Games in the post-Winter Olympics era and contribute to the popularization of winter sports.


[Photot via Official WeChat Account "Shijingshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau"]

Recommended Themed Tour Routes of Beijing-Zhangjiakou Sports Cultural Tourism Corridor

Route 1: Inheriting the Olympic Spirit and Exploring Torch Relay Route (Two-day Trip)  

Day 1: Olympic Forest Park→Summer Palace→Beijing Fun Capital Wanda Plaza (Timeless China, Wanda Plaza, Marriott Beijing Changping)

Day 2: Industrial Culture Theme Park in Zhangjiakou→Dajingmen Scenic Spot→Forlong Ski Resort

Route 2: Having Fun in Snow - Fitness for a Shared Future (One-day Trip) 

National Speed Skating Oval→Olympic Forest Park→National Stadium (Bird's Nest)→National Aquatics Center (Water Cube)

Route 3: Industrial Style of Winter Olympics - An Amazing Journey (One-day Trip)

Beijing Winter Olympics Park→Shougang Park (Big Air, Shougang Ice Hockey Arena, No. 3 Blast Furnace)

Route 4: Having Fun Skiing and Enjoying Hot Springs to Experience Warmth in Cold Winter (One-day Trip)

Jundu Mountain Ski Resort→Jingzhihu Holiday Hotel (Hot springs and skiing)

Route 5: Dreams of Winter Olympics - A Brilliant City of Winter Olympics (Two-day Trip)

Day 1: Beijing Expo Park→International Grape Exhibition Garden→Longqing Ravine→Yanqing Winter Olympic (Paralympic) Village (Check in at night) 

Day 2: Yanqing Olympic Zone (A visit to Yanqing National Alpine Ski Center and cableway, the Mountaintop Restaurant, Yanqing National Sliding Center)

Route 6: A Great Tour Along and Outside Great Wall - Beijing and Zhangjiakou Create Post-Winter Olympics Wonder (Two-day Trip)

Day 1: Badaling Section of Great Wall→Thaiwoo Resort Town (Check in at night)

Day 2: National Cross-country Skiing Center→National Biathlon Center 

Route 7: Enjoying Marvelous Time in Alpine Ski Resorts and Appreciating Charm of an Ancient City and Cultural Relics (Two-day Trip)

Day 1Yudu Mountain Natural Scenic Area→Guyaju Caves→Yanqing Olympic (Paralympic) Village (Check in at night)

Day 2: Xuanhua Ancient City→Xuanhua Liao Dynasty Tombs with Murals

Route 8: Taking Adventure in Deep Valleys and Visiting Unique, Fairyland-like Town (Two-day Trip)

Badaling Ski Resort→Haituo Valley International Tourist Resort (Winter Sports Resort, Agricultural Tourism and Hot Spring Resort, Extreme Sports Resort, Competitive Sports Resort, Fairy Tale Town Resort)