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If you haven't applied for a residence permit for your stay in China, don't worry, just follow the steps below.

► Passport with current visa.

► Registration Form of Temporary Residence in Beijing.

► Visa or Residence Permit application form with the hosting school’s seal.

► A recent 2x2 inch photo with a white or light blue background.

► Original Health Certificate from the Chinese Quarantine Office for foreign citizens aged 18 years or older, this is only needed for your first-time application for a Resident Permit as a foreign student.

► An “Admission Confirmation” by the enrolling school together with the JW201 or JW202 form for foreign citizens who have entered China on an L or F visa.

Photocopies and original versions of the previously listed documents are required.

· 2 Andingmen Avenue (East), Dongcheng District, Beijing (Southeast of BeiXiaoJie Bridge, 2nd Ring Road)

· Take Bus 44, 13, 116, 807, 117, 2 to BeiXiaoJie HuoKou or Underground Line 2/Line 5 to Lama Temple Station

· Monday - Saturday 9:00 -17:00

· Tel. (8610)8402 0101  Customer Service Line: (8610)84015300

Website: -- online notice -- For Information of Visas and Residence Permits Application -- Resident Permit

  • Fees for Application
  • Time for Approval
  • Points for Attention

· Please refer to [Visa Fee Rate for Countries with Bilateral Treaties], [Visa Fee Rate for Countries without Bilateral Treaties], and [Fee Regulations (2003) 392] promulgated by the State Planning Board and Ministry of Finance.

· Approval will be granted 5 workdays days upon submission of the required documents, not including Saturday, as it is the day when applications are collected.

· Those who originally had Chinese citizenship but now have a foreign passport, need to cancel their Chinese ID and household registration beforehand.

· The period of validity for Resident Permit is granted according to the duration of the study period in China. This validity will be determined based on the final decision by the school in case of a discrepancy between what is specified in the Admission Confirmation and an earlier school letter.