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2020-06-29  |  

Beijing Municipal Administration Traffic Card (Yikatong) [Photo via]

Beijing Municipal Administration Traffic Card (Yikatong)

The Beijing Municipal Administration Traffic Card (Yikatong) is an intelligent IC card. It is issued via paying a deposit at a point of sale. Users can go to subway stations, bus stations and other manual service outlets as well as Yikatong business halls for card processing. In addition to being used in public transportation and subway in Beijing, the card can also be widely used in public bicycle rental, P+R parking lots, supermarkets, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, cake shops, municipal payment, welfare lottery tickets, vending machines and many other fields, bringing great convenience to citizens. You can enjoy the preferential fare policy of Beijing ticket system by taking the bus and subway with the Yikatong. In order to avoid the situation where users cannot take the bus due to insufficient card balance, the card also allows overdraft. If the card balance is no less than the lowest subway fare of 3 yuan, you can swipe your card to take the subway, and if the balance is no less than 1 yuan, you can take the bus.

How to apply for a deposit card

1. Users can apply for a deposit card at the card issuing/recharging outlets authorized by the company, such as subway stations, bus stations, long-distance bus stations, and Yikatong business halls. 

2. When applying, a 20 yuan deposit must be paid and the initial top-up amount must not be less than 20 yuan.

How to activate the Yikatong QR Code

Download and register or log into the latest version of Beijing Yikatong APP (version and above), click on the "bus code" or "subway code" on the homepage, complete the information authentication and bind a payment method according to the instructions, before it can be activated free of charge.

Manual top-up

1. Users can go to the Yikatong manual service outlets to top up their cards;

2. The single top-up amount shall be an integer in multiples of 10 yuan, and the card balance shall not be greater than the 1000 yuan.

Mobile top-up

1. Topping up card with direct contact: users can use smart phones with NFC function to download the "Yikatong” App and top up the Yikatong or the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei interconnection card bearing the“©”logo by direct contact between the card and your phone.

2. Users of the Mobile Yikatong/Mobile Intercommunication Card can directly top up online through the app.

Self-service equipment top-up

Users can carry out self-service top-up through self-service devices such as the Yikatong multifunctional self-service machines, subway self-service ticketing/top-up machines and bank ATM, which are found in union stations, subway stations, banks, shopping malls etc.

Mobile Yikatong

The Mobile Yikatong loads related applications into smart phones such as Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, etc., allowing the use of mobile phones to take Beijing bus and subway Users of the mobile version can enjoy the same ride discount as a physical card. Currently, the Mobile Yikatong has been fully upgraded to the Mobile Intercommunication Card, which can be used for designated lines in interconnected cities across the country. Meanwhile, the activated physical Yikatong Card can also be used.

Top-up method

You can top up the card in apple devices through the Yikatong app or Apple Wallet, and issue electronic invoices online through the app.

Card swiping method

When using Apple Pay to swipe the card, please make sure that the device is turned on. When swiping the card, you are not required to open the app, just place the top of the iPhone (NFC sensing area) or the surface of Apple Watch as close as possible to the gate or POS card reading area.

Using Apple Pay to swipe the card allows overdraft. If the card balance is no less than the lowest fare of the whole subway network or the discounted fare from the bus boarding station to the furthest station, you can swipe your mobile phone to enter and ride, and the overdraft amount generated by riding will be automatically replenished at the next top-up.

Card Refund

When you no longer need to use Apple Pay for the service, you can apply for card refund online through the app, and the balance in the card as well as the refundable service fee of 20 yuan (if paid but not refunded) will be returned to your Alipay account or Yikatong account within 5 working days.

Note: The card can only be refunded 30 days after its activation date.

Beijing Municipal Administration & Communication Card APP

The official APP for Beijing Municipal Administration & Communication Card supports the balance & network query and top-up. The mobile APP can be also used for traffic purpose.

Ruubypay APP

Ruubypay APP can be used for the whole network of rail transit in Beijing Municipality without top-up or deposit.

How to Register 

1. Click “Buy A Ticket” or “Set Account” on the homepage of Ruubypay APP to go to the log-in page;

2. Input 11-digit mobile phone number on the box “Please enter your mobile phone number” (only support the phone number in China's mainland) for registration, and then click “Send the Verification Code” (the code will be sent via SMS);

3. Check the SMS, put the verification code in the box “Please enter the verification code", and then click the “Complete Registration”;

4. Select the methods of payment, e.g. Alipay, JD Pay and ICBC.


The payment with QR code is subject to the fare policies of rain transit in Beijing Municipality and accumulative discounts. In each calendar month, if a passenger pays more than CNY ¥100 with the QR code at Ruubypay APP, a 20% discount will be given from the next ride; and if the payment exceeds CNY ¥150, a 50% discount will be given from the next ride. However, if the payment exceeds CNY ¥400, no discount will be given.

How to Use

Align the QR code to the yellow box on the turnstile, and then get through the turnstile if you hear a beep. After you scan the QR code, Ruubypay APP will help you pay the fare by the selected method, and you will receive a notification of successful payment with relevant details.

For more sevice of digital map, navigation and location, please refer to Baidu Map or Amap.