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2022-06-07  |  


Have you ever dived into the colorful ocean floor,

walked into a foggy forest filled with the singing of insects and birds,

or climbed onto the top of a majestic peak

to enjoy the irreplaceable beauty of nature?

The world is full of vitality because of diversified lives.

The nature boasts beauty and colors due to harmonious coexistence.


The "Colorful World" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition is expecting you to take 

a video and tell a story of you and life on earth. 

Join us in advocating for the protection of biodiversity

and for building a shared community of all life on earth.

How to participate

Welcome to participate in this public-welfare video production event themed "Protect biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on Earth". It's recommended that the video lasts about one minute and is made in a landscape mode. In the video, you are supposed to firstly introduce yourself (name, nationality, identity, etc.), and briefly share your view on biodiversity (or about how biodiversity is protected in your country or region; your favorite endangered plants or animals with characteristics of your country or region; or a story about biodiversity protection); secondly, call on the public to protect biodiversity and invite young people from all countries to participate in the "Colorful World" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition (or show your own painting). Pause for a moment and conclude your video with this: "Colorful world, life community". We are taking actions to protect biodiversity!

Releasing platforms

Websites, WeChat public accounts and video accounts of Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Center for Environment Education and Communications of Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Beijing Publicity Center for Ecological and Environmental Protection, and other organizers and co-organizers;, CRI Online, Beijing TV, Beijing Youth Daily, and Beijing Municipal Government's website (international edition); Bimo China, WAAE, and the "Colorful World" International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition.