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Beijing will host a series of cultural events for the coming Spring Festival and Lantern Festival under the theme of "Spring Blessings for Beijing". The festivities will last for 58 days, starting with the 39th "Ring the Bell, Pray for Blessing" activity on December 31, 2020, and ending with Lantern Festival on February 26, 2021.

So far, 47 museums in Beijing have proposed 182 different activities, including 126 exhibitions and 56 museum events. In compliance with COVID-19 prevention and control, the majority of such activities will be held online.

Local authorities concerned have issued a series of measures to encourage residents to stay put for the festival, including orderly reopening of public cultural centers, art galleries, museums, cinemas and theaters in view of requirements for pandemic prevention and control. Such places shall adopts effective ways such as advanced appointments, crowding limitation and off-peak arrangements, while some venues or events may conditionally extend opening hours.

Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage stated that in light of pandemic prevention and control, most museum exhibitions and activities during the period will be held online and the host museums may choose to extend opening hours according to the actual circumstances to better meet the cultural needs of local citizens.

(Note: Content source is from Beijing Daily.)