Development of BMC


With a focus on coordinated development of Beijing's main area and Beijing Municipal Administrative Center (BMC), with the latter supporting the main area, new strides have been made for the high-quality development of BMC. The overall urban framework has been fully established, while sustained investment of CNY 100 billion has ensured changes every year in every aspects. The Central Green Forest Park has opened to the public, while three major cultural buildings, namely Beijing Performing Arts Centre, Beijing City Library, and the Grand Canal Museum of Beijing have been unveiled. The first and second phases of the administrative office area have been completed and put into use, and the relocation of two batches of municipal-level government bodies has been successfully concluded. The plan for a national demonstration zone for green development has been implemented, and the construction of a national green exchange has commenced. The Universal Beijing Resort has grandly opened. Six major industrial clusters including that for digital economy have taken shape in an accelerated manner. Efforts have been made to promote high-quality integrated development in Tongzhou District and three counties in Hebei Province (i.e. Sanhe City, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and Xianghe County), with the establishment and operation of governing bodies and executive committees. Five consecutive project promotion and negotiation meetings have been held, with over 210 projects signed, totaling over CNY 150 billion in intended investment, driving continuous improvement in the soft power of these three counties.