26th China Beijing International High-tech Expo to Kick off on July 13 with New Experiential Scenarios


The 26th China Beijing International High-tech Expo will be held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing from July 13 to 16. In this year's session, several new scenarios, new applications, and new trends featuring how technologies have transformed lifestyles will be presented.

It is learned that the intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) products such as roadside intelligent devices and self-driving patrol cars will present the intelligent traffic scenarios. AI psychological service robots, the 5G intelligent health screening robots, and Andun's health warning smartwatches, among other products, will allow visitors to find out how life will be like with intelligent medical care technologies.

The expo will also offer a picture of a brand new healthy lifestyle concerning sports, with smart wearables and interactive experience products, including graphene pressure-sensitive smart track shoes, cyber dressing mirrors, and HOLOMAN 3.0 (a holographic display for digital humans).

Additionally, China's first embodied AI and humanoid robot capable of walking steadily on various complex outdoor terrains, the world's first pentamodal molecular imaging system for small animals, and many other achievements will debut at this year's expo.

To visit the expo, citizens and professional visitors can register for reservations on the official website of the expo (https://www.chitec.cn/), or take their identity documents (e.g. the Resident Identity Cards of China) to register for entry on-site.

The China Beijing International High-tech Expo was founded in 1998 and has been held for 25 consecutive sessions. According to incomplete statistics, the last 25 sessions of the event have attracted over 1,000 overseas delegations and recorded more than 5,000,000 visits, resulting in over 5,700 achievements of various domains and a transaction amount exceeding CNY 1 trillion.

(Source: The Beijing News)