To prevent imported cases of COVID-19, Beijing is tightening restrictions on travellers coming to Beijing on direct international flights who have transferred via third countries, so stated Xu Hejian, Deputy Director of the Communication Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Director of Information Office of Beijing Municipality, at a January 26 press conference. The decision was reached through negotiation, participated in by the relevant departments and in accordance with the capital's coordination mechanism for joint prevention and control on tightening entry management.

Passengers on direct flights to Beijing must either be local citizens of countries or Chinese citizens in those countries where direct flights to Beijing are currently being operated. The entry of transfer passengers from third countries will be strictly controlled. Those who intend to take direct flights to Beijing shall, prior to departure, have their travel history thoroughly reviewed by the relevant embassies and consulates abroad. Those who do not meet the requirements will not be issued the international version of the health code or declaration.

Airlines should remind Beijing-bound travellers of the restriction on third-country transfers during ticket sales and check-in. Transfer passengers shall not be allowed to check in or board a flight to Beijing. All passengers must complete the "commitment letter for Beijing arrival" prior to boarding. Those who conceal information regarding their travel history or health status shall bear the legal consequences of their actions.

Beijing has also released guidance on regular measures for pandemic prevention and control regarding imported non-cold chain goods. All imported goods entering the country will be tested at customs for the novel coronavirus in accordance with regulations, and their containers and outer packaging undergo preventive disinfection. All goods shall be physically separated according to the pandemic risk level of their respective countries of origin and sorted for customs clearance, storage, and cargo transport.

Following import, transshipment prevention and control guidance formulated by the Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau shall be strictly implemented to prevent any crossover between goods, along with closed-loop management and the automated contactless collection, sorting, and delivery of imported goods. Finally, the personal protection of relevant logistics personnel and the disinfection of transportation tools will also be intensified.

(Note: Content source is from Xinhua.)