To further improve the Official Web Portal for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality (, we are considering recommendations concerning the site logo and slogan from China and abroad.

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    Content and Objects

    A. Content

    Logo and slogan of the Official Web Portal for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. The final creative designs will be applied throughout the site ( and online and offline materials for promotional purposes.

    B. Organizer

    Beijing Municipal Administration of Government Services, the organizer, has established the Organizing Committee of the Logo and Slogan Creative Solicitation for the Official Web Portal of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, which is responsible for the specific work related to this promotional event.

    C. Objects

    Creative designs are solicited from all walks of life in China and overseas, not limited to organizations, groups or individuals.

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    A. Logo

    The logo should fully portray the new image of Beijing, by demonstrating the positioning of the municipality as an international exchanges center, a world-famous ancient Chinese capital and a modern metropolis, and the service-orientated government website for the Official Web Portal for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality.

    The logo design should be a color graphic pattern based on a unique creative idea, a clear and smooth image with an appropriate message and in bright yet simple colors, which is best suitable for the site.

    The colors and grayscale of the logo should be clear and distinct throughout the web site,yet its supporting graphics can be designed separately.

    The logo should be graphic design that can be used in the printing of ads, publicity materials and office supplies.

    The logo should be submitted in digital format, including:

    Graphic design of the logo and description (no less than 300 words on the content, color, implication and the overall meaning, in Chinese or English). For details, please refer to the "Registration Form".

    The submission should be in JPG format, with a resolution no less than 600 dpi (pixel/inch).

    Two copies of standard color renderings (printed with A4 paper, one with signature and the other without for review. Both paper copies should be scanned into PDF files).

    A vectorgraph (in AI format), along with 3D and colored renderings, design drafts of standard color and special fonts.

    B. Slogan

    The slogan should be in English.

    It should be simple, catchy, appealing and distinctive.

    The slogan should be no more than 5 words, with an explanation (less than 300 words to describe the origin and its meaning in Chinese or English. For details, please refer to the "Registration Form").

    The digital version of the design should be submitted.

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    Review & Evaluation and Prizes

    A. Primary selection

    All submitted works will be voted on by netizens for ranking. 16 logos and 16 website slogans will be selected for experts review.

    B. Experts review

    The organizing committee will invite experts of design to rate the works selected after primary selection. The 8 logos and 8 website slogans with the highest score will enter the final evaluation.

    C. Final evaluation

    1 logo and 1 website slogan will be selected in the final evaluation.

    This event is a government public welfare event. According to the website logo and the website slogan, all the winners will receive commemorative certificates.
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    Responsibilities and Rights

    A. All submitted works will not be returned.

    B. All submitted works shall be original, and shall not copy, plagiarize, apply or graft other people's works and ideas, and shall not infringe upon the rights and interests of third parties. If the application works involve infringement disputes, all the adverse consequences and responsibilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the applicant and have nothing to do with the organizer. If losses or adverse effects are caused to the organizer, the applicant shall bear relevant responsibilities.

    C. Intellectual property rights of all award-winning works shall be owned by the organizer from the beginning, including but not limited to full use right, exclusive use right, registration right and copyright, etc. The organizer has the right to register, use, develop, modify, authorize, license or protect the works in any form; For the formation of the final logo and promotion slogan, the organizer of the event has the right to combine the works of different applicants or the creativity of designs by different applicants, without obtaining the consent of the applicants.

    D. The copyright of the work is protected by the relevant laws of China, which must meet the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations and ensure its integrity and complete originality without any plagiarism. The submitted works should be unpublished. If they are cooperative works, the consent of other authors should be obtained. If the works involve plagiarism, borrowing and other infringing acts, once discovered, they will be disqualified for the activity, and all the legal liabilities arising therefrom will be borne by the applicants, and the organizer is free from relevant law liabilities.

    E. All submitted works will not be returned whether the works are awarded or not. Authors are suggested to keep copies of their works. I (individual, team, organization) promise not to claim any intellectual property rights and related derivative rights of the submitted works from the event organizers.

    F. Regardless of whether the works submitted by the applicants are finally selected, the applicants shall undertake the obligation of confidentiality of the submitted works and relevant information before the final results are announced by the event organizer, and shall not disclose them to any third party in any way. After the results of the solicitation are announced, applicants who have not won the prize can use their own works at will.

    G. If there are same or similar submitted works in this activity, the order of submission time shall prevail.

    H. When submitting the works, the applicants are deemed to agree with all the contents of this notice.

  • The content must be sent via e-mail and the submission time is from the announcement date of this solicitation to 24: 00 on October 18, 2021(Beijing time), subject to the receiving time of e-mail. Please package and send all the documents to with the subject of the email as "Beijingimage+name of the applicant". Mails that do not conform to the naming standard will be deemed invalid.
    The content must be sent via e-mail, which should include:

    the application form for solicitation;

    the copyright commitment letter;

    the work which meets the requirements.

    Specific requirements are as follows:

    The application form for solicitation should be in the Word format. The copyright agreement letter must be printed out with a hand-written signature, and then scanned into the PDF format.

    The works can be single or multiple, and each work should include a description.

    Right of Final Interpretation:

    The Organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of any doubt arising from this announcement and the entire solicitation activity.

    Inquiry call: Ms.Chen 010-89151996 Ms.Hou 010-68890416