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2023-03-10  |  

This tutorial is written based on experiences at Bank of China. Other banks may be different (but generally similar). Foreign exchange is an interchange of currencies at a competitive global rate. The rate between currencies changes by the minute or second.


1 Passport
2 Your Address
3 Foreign Exchange Currency

4 A secure folder or bag to put receipts and cash in, as the cash may be too thick to fit in your wallet.

Find the address of a bank that you would like to use.

When you arrive:

1 Get a ticket by selecting "Personal Banking".

2 Ask the teller at the front desk to exchange money.

They will give you a form, which is available in English.

3 Fill in the form:
After filling in your personal information, you can probably just fill in the amount that you want to exchange, the rest is filled in by the teller.

4 Give the teller the form, foreign currency, and your passport.

Keep the receipt for your reference.