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2022-04-26  |  

Cruise on Imperial Yuhe River

The Yuhe River, also known as "Changhe River", is an ancient waterway integrating history, culture, cultural and natural landscapes. The course was renovated in Qing Dynasty as an imperial waterway and later became the route for Empress Cixi to pass through to go to the Summer Palace, for which it is also named "the Waterway of Empress Dowager Cixi". The cruise route of Yuhe River this year has just opened to the public, where tourists can go to the Summer Palace by ship and admire the ancient architecture and natural landscape.

Starting point: Ziyuwan Dock at Zizhuyuan Park (close to the north gate of Zizhuyuan Park)

Arriving point: Nanruyimen Dock inside the Summer Palace. The total time of the cruise is about 35 minutes and the cruise costs CNY 100/person.

Opening hours: 10:00-16:00, cruises generally starting on the hour.

Ticket purchasing: search for "Imperial Yuhe Trip" (皇家御河游) on or Dazhong Dianping.

Cruise on Liangma River

A trip from Yansha Bridge Dock to the terminal destination at the Solana Dock via the Liangma River takes about 40 minutes, with a total distance of 1.8 kilometers.

The most gorgeous views of Liangma River can be seen at night. By taking the vertical boat lift, visitors can enjoy themselves inside the dam.

Please follow Liangma River's official WeChat account "Liangma International Style Waterway Cruise" (亮马国际风情水岸游船) to book your tickets in advance.

In addition to preparedness for the epidemic, you are also advised to check the weather conditions prior to your visit. The cruise service is usually suspended during thunderstorms and when wind speed reaches level-4 or higher.

Cruise on Tongzhou Grand Canal

Route: The round-trip route from Erhao Matou (Dock No. 2) to Caoyun Matou (Caoyun Dock) takes about 60 minutes, with no stops in between. Along the way, you can see the Grand Canal Olympic Park, 17 urban waterfront walkways, the Grand Canal Forest Park, Caoyun Matou (Caoyun Dock), the observation pavilion, and others.

The Cruise ships depart four times a day at 9:30, 10:30, 14:00, and 15:30 respectively. Frequency will be increased based on demands in the weekends and holidays with two more departures at 11:30 and 16:30.

The original price ticket of these sightseeing boats costs CNY 150/person, and the discounted price is CNY 75/person. Tickets are available on site or via the WeChat account "Grand Canal Olympic Park" (运河奥体公园). Discount is unavailable for small-sized boats.

There are three docks along the navigable waters, namely Erhao Matou (Dock No. 2), Liuyin Matou (Liuyin Dock), and Caoyun Matou (Caoyun Dock). In addition to the large-sized sightseeing boats at Erhao Matou (Dock No. 2) and Liuyin Matou (Liuyin Dock), you can find a variety of small-sized boats at Caoyun Matou (Caoyun Dock) to take.

(Source: Official WeChat Account of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism)