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China Daily
2021-01-13  |  

The musical Reborn, based on the true story of a narcotics officer, toured Beijing from Jan 6 to 8, as a tribute to police officers just before the Chinese people's police day on Jan 10.

The musical aims to raise awareness about narcotics officers and their families, who support their cause behind the scenes.

It was jointly presented by the Ministry of Public Security and Tencent Pictures, and produced by Halolive Musical.

The crew pays great attention to faithfully presenting the images of narcotic officers and the folk culture of Yunnan province, where the original story took place, by inviting experts to instruct the performers.

The idea for the musical was first conceived five years ago. In 2019, the production team went on field trips to Yunnan and debuted the musical in September 2020, in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.

Two songs from the musical, including its title track, have also been released on Jan 8 on Tencent's QQ music.