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On June 18, the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Beijing) in Shunyi District kicked off its Midsummer Art Event. The Digital Dunhuang Exhibition - Dunhuang on the Silk Road co-sponsored by the Dunhuang Academy offers the public a chance to experience the digital reinterpretation of Dunhuang's cultural heritage, featuring murals, Buddhist statues, and painted sculptures.

In the exhibition hall, nearly 50 pieces or sets of digital research results of cultural relics from the Dunhuang Academy are on display. The exhibits include six reproductions of painted sculptures, 25 high-fidelity digital replicas of murals, five reproductions of musical instruments, as well as more than 10 auxiliary exhibits. The exhibition is highlighted with representatives of the most famous works of art from Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, for example, murals of Zhang Qian's Mission to the WestWutai Mountain, Nine-Colored Deer, and Rebound the Lute, as well as the painted sculpture of the Reclining Buddha in Cave 158.

"The exhibition also displays the equal-scale reproductions of Cave 3 and Cave 285 of the Mogao Grottoes, which are no longer open to the public," said Tang Li, who is in charge of the exhibition. To provide visitors with a better understanding of the exhibition, two lectures will be given each day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

In September 2021, the Dunhuang Academy and the Palace Museum co-hosted the exhibition Beyond the Bounds of History: A Collaborative Exhibition Between the Palace Museum and Dunhuang Academy at Yanchilou (Wild Goose Wing Towers) of Wumen (Meidian Gate) in the Palace Museum. The exhibition caused a stir online on its opening day. Due to its unexpected popularity, the exhibition postponed its closing for another week, carrying on for more than 70 days. Now, the Dunhuang Academy has returned to Beijing for another exceptional event. Sited in Beijing's Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the exhibition has used digital technologies to "move" the millennial Dunhuang culture to the capital. Lasting for three years, the exhibition will present a vivid display of the charming Chinese culture.