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Wavelength: In-Between, a new contemporary art exhibition, raises its curtain in the Beijing Times Art Museum this Friday, open to the public from Aug 1 to Aug 31.

At the exhibition, artists with diverse cultural backgrounds, many of whom specialize in more than one discipline, present their art installations integrating different media and materials that reveal their reflection of the "in-between state".

Wei Yuqi, a young artist with an academic background in architecture and fine arts, presents The Study of the Shape of Time: Sample 1-1000, a display that deconstructs melted wax into myriad small pieces with random shapes, aiming to discuss the relationship between the objective world and subjective perception.

"At first sight the wax pieces all seem different and abstract, but I hope that by taking a closer look, the viewers can see something more personal. For me, I feel each of these pieces is like an individual human being, gathering together yet floating in a small world of their own," Wei says.

Another installation Along Along, produced by Loliloli Studio which centers on new media art, fills up the exhibition hall with an inflatable, iridescent tube.

"The inspiration comes from those chewy candies that are popular among children with a sense of infinite satisfaction. We hope that our work produces a similarly endearing sensation among the viewers, breaking the conventional distance between the audience and the artwork," says Loli, one of the creators.

Other artists who participated in the exhibition include Graham Hudson from the United Kingdom, Rejane Cantoni from Brazil, and Henrik Vibskov from Denmark.