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2022-04-26  |  

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism released ten reading themed travel routes to celebrate World Reading Day, which is observed annually on April 23.

Theme 1: Cool Summer in Tuner Tribe

Route: Tuner Tribe (Jinchan West Road) - Xuanyuan Bookstore

Theme 2: Linger on Wangfujing Street to Soothe the Soul

Route: Wangfujing Bookstore - Hanfenlou Bookstore - Sanlian Taofen Bookstore (No. 1 store located at East of National Art Museum of China) - Beijing People's Art Theatre


Wangfujing Bookstore [Photo via VCG] 

Theme 3: The Unforgettable Bookstores around the Temple of Earth

Route: Nanluo Bookstore - National Library Bookstore - Temple of Earth Park - Yonghe Bookyard


Nanluo Bookstore [Photo via VCG]

Theme 4: Wonderland inside the 2nd Ring Road

Route: Reader Service Department of Cathay Bookshop LLC (Liulichang) - PAGE ONE (Beijing Fun branch) - Suzuki Kitchen (Yangmeizhu branch)


PAGE ONE [Photo via VCG]

Theme 5: When Old Meets New in Beijing

Route: Beijing Books Building - Zhongshuge Bookstore in Galeries Lafayette - Zhengyang Bookstore (located at Xisinandajie) - 1901cafe


Beijing Books Building [Photo via VCG]

Theme 6: Look for Refined Pleasure in Beijing among Old and New

Route: Capital Library of China - Chunmingyi - Panjiayuan Antique Market - EL PADRINO CLUB


Capital Library of China [Photo via VCG]

Theme 7: Books and What's Beyond

Route: Beyond Bookstore (Huayuanlu branch) - Fanjia Xiaoguan (Zizhuyuanlu branch) - Zizhuyuan Park - Dayou Bookstore

Theme 8: The Exuberance of Youth Lies in the Encounter between Arts and Books

Route: Songzhuang Art Village - Apple Tree Art Restaurant (Songzhuang branch) - Spring Books

Theme 9: Cycling among Books

Route: Weiyan Xiaoji of Sanlian Bookstore - Beijing's first bicycle lane in Huilongguan - MPK Vinyl Bookstore

Theme 10: Daxing International Airport, More than Just an Airport

Route: Capital Library of China, Daxing Airport Branch - The Gate Bookstore - Zhima Jiankang

(Source: Beijing Daily)