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Human Resources and Social Security Departments (Bureaus), Foreign Affairs Offices, and Education Departments (Education Commissions) of various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government:

In order to implement the Opinion on Deepening the Reform on the Talent Development Systems and Mechanisms ([2016] No. 9 released by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee), it is planned to allow some outstanding foreign college graduates without work experience to find employment in China. According to the "Administration of Employment of Foreigners in China", the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Personnel areas

Foreign college graduates include foreign students who have obtained a master's degree or above within one year and graduated from a university in China, and foreign graduates who have obtained a master's degree or above from a well-known overseas university and graduated within one year.

2. Approval conditions

Foreign college graduates are required to meet the following conditions for employment in China:

(1) At least 18 years old, healthy;

(2) No criminal record;

(3) Excellent academic performance, with an average score of not less than 80 points (hundred-mark system, other points system is converted to hundred-mark system) or B + / B (grading system) or above, no bad behavior records during school;

(4) Obtain the corresponding education and degree;

(5) There is a definite hiring unit, which is engaged in working positions and is in line with the majors studied. In principle, the remuneration should not be lower than the average wage of employees in local urban units. The specific standards are determined by the provincial human resources and social security departments in accordance with the actual employment market and the needs of imported talents;

(6) Hold a valid passport or other international travel documents that can replace the passport.

3. Handling procedures

Employers employing qualified foreign college graduates should apply to the local human resources and social security department or the foreign expert management department, and provide the following materials:

(1) Credential of the intended employment;

(2) Offer of employment (including intention to pay);

(3) Report on reasons for employment (including proof that the local public employment and talent service agency has publicly released recruitment information for domestic workers for 30 days);

(4) Health certificate of intended employment;

(5) Certificate of No Criminal Record of intended employment;

(6) Certificate of the academic degree obtained by intended employment;

(7) No bad behavior record (exempt from foreign graduates from overseas colleges) and academic transcript issued by the school intended employment attends;

(8) The bareheaded and full-faced photo of intended employment within 6 months.

Human resources and social security departments or foreign experts' centralized management departments shall conduct examination and approval in accordance with regulations. Foreigner employment permits (or work permits, the same below) and foreigner employment certificates (or work permits, the same below) are issued to eligible foreign students.

Foreign graduates from overseas colleges and universities that meet the requirements are issued employment permits for foreigners. Foreign graduates of foreign colleges and universities that have obtained a foreigner ’s employment permit should apply for a Z visa in accordance with regulations and apply for a foreigner ’s employment permit after entry.

4. Other business

(1) The validity period of the foreigner ’s employment certificate is 1 year for the first time. If the employment period of the foreign college graduates hired expires, and the employer intends to continue hiring, it may continue to hire after completing the examination and approval procedures in accordance with the regulations, and the period shall not exceed 5 years. If the personal income tax paid by a foreign college graduate is lower than the tax payable for the intended salary, or the salary the employer intends to pay is lower than the prescribed standard, the employment certificate shall not be extended.

(2) Foreign college graduates are subject to quota management for employment in China. The provincial human resources and social security departments shall propose the number of quota requirements in the province based on the number of foreign college graduates in the province and the employment situation of college graduates in the region, and submit them to the Human Resources and Social Security Department before December 1 of each year. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will conduct a comprehensive study to determine the quotas for the whole country and provinces (districts and municipalities) in the next year, publicly announce them in an appropriate manner, and copy and implement them in cooperation with diplomacy, education, and public security. The quota requirements for 2017 are submitted by the provincial human resources and social security departments before January 31, 2017.

(3) This notice shall be implemented from the date of issuance.

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Education

January 6, 2017

(All information in this document is authentic in Chinese. English is provided for reference only. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)