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2023-02-03  |  

1.What should I do after arriving in China?

Normally, international students will come to China by air, by train, by boat, or by bus as well as other transportation methods. No matter how, the first thing is to pass through the border inspection of China.

There are many kinds of channels at the national border inspection, for instance, for Chinese citizens and foreign citizens. International students should take the channel for foreign citizens. Fill out the "Application Form for Entry of Foreigners" and give it to customs officers. Officers may ask questions on trip purposes, contacts in China and accommodations etc. Please prepare response in advance and bring relevant paper materials.

After entry, please do not linger at the inspection spots, international students shall pick up luggage as soon as possible and cooperate with the security inspection for luggage from security personnel.

2.How to get to the college

After entry, students can choose transportation methods like taxi, subway, and bus, etc. Or they may need to take intercity train or onward flight to destination. Please consult the college for related information.

3.Where can I live after arriving at the college?

International students usually live in student dorms on campus or rent apartments off campus. Please note that students who fail to check in within the notified period of time may have to arrange their accommodation by themselves. Please contact the college to confirm.

4.What do I need to know about freshmen registration?

After arriving in China, international students should go to the college to finish admission registration in time. Please take the admission letter as the reference of time, venue, and materials required for registration.

Normally, the following materials are required for registration:

Original copy and one photocopy of the applicant's passport and visa (X1 or X2)

Original copy and one photocopy of the admission letter

Original copy of the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201or 202)

Passport photo

Registration fee,tuition fee, medical insurance fee, accommodation fee and other required fees upon registration

Original copy of the Physical Examination and blood test (required for students studying in China for at least six months)

*Specific materials are submitted according to the requirements of the colleges.

Normally the registration includes:

  1. Accommodation: go through procedures for accommodation, and get into the dormitory.

  2. Payment: pay the tuition and registration fee.

  3. Medical insurance: present valid passport and admission letter, and pay the medical insurance fee.

  4. Student status registration: fill in registration forms to complete status registration.

  5. Physical examination: the examination will be arranged by the college.

  6. Visa interview: a visa interview will be arranged by the college for students applying for study permit for the first time.

  7. Stay permit: apply for the stay permit after receiving the physical examination result and passing the visa interview.

*For details, please consult the college to which you apply,as the process might differ.

5.Do I need to take the physical examination?

According to the applicable regulations by the Chinese government, students holding X1 visas arerequired to take aphysical examination to enter China. Examination could be done in your own nation before coming to China. In this case, please submit the original reportof Foreigner's Physical Examination Record in either Chinese or English upon registration, anda re-examination is needed in the healthcare center of the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine department. If the submitted record is unqualified, or the physical examination is not taken before coming toChina, aphysical examination shall be taken at the healthcare center of thelocal entry-exit inspection and quarantine department. Certificate of Verification of Physical Examination Record for Foreigner will be issued by the healthcare center, which is a required documentation for a stay permit application in China. While dealing with procedures of physical examination, you may need the following materials:

Passport of the applicant

Physical examination records obtained in the country of the applicant

A bare-headed two-inch color photo (or take the photo at the site of physical examination)

Copy of the admission letter or certifying document provided by the college

Generally, physical examinations would be arranged by the college. If you missed it, please take the examination in the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine department. Stay permit of X1 visa holders should be applied in 30 days after entry. Therefore, the physical examination should be done as soon as possible. Physical examination for students holding X2 visa is not required.

6. Do I have to buy medical insurance?

According to the relevant regulations, international students to study in China for more than six months must buy medical insurance in China, and the college will provide students with relevant advice and services on insurance purchase. Please refer to for insurance introduction and for claims explanation.

7. What is a Residence Permit for Foreigners? What should I know?

The Residence Permit for Foreigners in the People's Republic of China is a residence permit issued to foreigners who are going to stay in the People's Republic of China for more than one year. International students entering China with X1 visa must change their visa into residence permit within 30 days from the date of entry, and this certificate should be applied to the exit-entry administration department of the public security organ where they intend to stay. For details, please refer to the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreigners and the relevant regulations of the local exit-entry administration.

You may need to know:

When you apply for a Residence Permit, you must submit the qualifiedCertificate of Verification of Physical Examination Record for Foreignerissued by the local health and quarantine department. Therefore, please complete the health examination as soon as possible after entering China and bring the certification materials to the local exit-entry administration.

As the original passport is required by the police station when applying for residence permit, which may affect the handling of other affairs requiring the passport, e.g. opening a bank account or opening a mobile phone/network account, etc. Please be prepared.

8. What should I do if I can't arrive at the college to complete the registration in time?

If students can't arrive at the college for registration at the time notified by the college, they should contact the faculty who are in charge of the registration in advance for further inquiries about self-helping registration.

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