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While charging the fees by the state and Beijing Municipal regulations, BJTU will give scholarships and subsidies to eligible students. The qualified students can apply for National Scholarship, Academic Scholarship and student subsidies.

(1) Innovation Research Fund for Excellent Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates can apply for the financial support of Innovation Research Fund for Excellent Doctoral Candidates. The fund awards students according to their annual performance dynamically. Excellent doctoral candidates can receive a total of 70,000 RMB subsidies from the fund in 4 years, so as to establish an incentive system for competition among doctoral candidates.

(2) International Academic Exchange Fund for Doctoral Candidates

BJTU has set up the International Academic Exchange Fund to give subsidies to excellent doctoral candidates of BJTU for overseas visiting study and high-level international academic conference.

(3) National Sponsored Overseas Study Program for Postgraduates

As one of the universities that signed contacts with the “China Scholarship Council Program”, BJTU will annually send doctoral candidates abroad for co-supervised model doctoral study, which is sponsored by the government according to the contact, the number of those who study for a PhD is not limited.

(4) Rewards for High Quality Academic Papers

In order to encourage and reward postgraduates to write and publish high quality academic papers, the university gives rewards to the publishing of such papers, whose highest reward is CNY ¥120,000. The details for rewards can be found in Incentives for BJTU Graduates to Publish High Quality Academic Papers.