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2020-06-29  |  

1. Scholarship content and standards:

(1) Exempt from paying all tuition fees during the school term;

(2) Provide living expenses during the school term (including accommodation allowance, monthly payment):

Undergraduate: CNY ¥2,000 / month

Master: CNY ¥2,500 / month

PhD students: CNY ¥3,000 / month

(3) Provide comprehensive insurance for personnel in China;

(4)  The duration of the scholarship is the same as that of the study period  (The awardee will no longer be eligible for the scholarship in case of  extended study period. The scholarship will also be cancelled in the case of suspending or quitting study.)

2. Open major:

Open for undergraduates, masters, Ph.D. students of all majors (Note: only open for degree students)

3. Applicant qualifications:

(1) Applicant must be non-Chinese citizens, healthy and a friend of China;

(2) The applicant should be a person of good conduct with excellent results, and meet the following conditions:

Undergraduate  students: entrance examination scores in top 3% or obtain exemption  from the entry qualification and outstanding performance;

Master graduate student: excellent undergraduate degree, strong academic background, scientific research and innovation ability;

Doctoral students: excellent master's degree, strong academic background, research and innovation ability.

(3)  The applicant must be an international student who has been accepted by  our school and will begin his or her education in that year;

(4)  The applicant has not obtained any other kind of scholarship, nor has  any financial support from any government, department or organization.

4. Application date:

January 1, 2018 - April 30, 2018 (If you submit a scholarship application by post, the postmark date will prevail)

5. Application process / route:

For details, please refer to the official website of Beijing Normal University self-financed students’ application process.

6. Application materials:

(1) "Beijing Normal University New International Students Scholarship  Application Form" (the form can be downloaded on the official website)

(2) Transcripts, award certificates, published articles or academic materials and other materials (if available, please submit);

(3) To apply for undergraduate programs, please submit Beijing  Normal University 2018 Undergraduate Admissions Guide fourth item required materials, this material does not need to be submitted  repeatedly;

To apply for a graduate program, please submit Beijing  Normal University students studying for master's / doctoral Graduate  Admissions Guide fifth required materials, this material does not need  to be submitted repeatedly.

(Note: Application materials will not be returned.)

7. Admission department:

Beijing Normal University International Students Office

8. Contact:

Address: Room 9910, Jingshi Building, 19 Xinjiekouwai Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Postal Code: 100875


Undergraduate Program:

Chinese teaching graduate program:

English teaching graduate program:

Fax : (8610)58800823