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We have designed six different language levels, including the elementary (1, 2, 3), intermediate (1, 2) and advanced for Chinese language classes. There are 22 hours a week and 16 weeks one semester. Chinese courses  including comprehensive Chinese, Chinese phonetic, Chinese speaking,  reading, and writing are designed on the elementary stage to help  students to cultivate the interest to know language; Chinese courses  including comprehensive Chinese, Chinese speaking, listening, reading,  writing are designed on the intermediate stage to improve language  abilities of students; Chinese courses including comprehensive Chinese,  selected reading of newspapers and periodicals, Chinese writing,  business Chinese, selective reading of the famous Chinese literature are  designed on the advanced stage to help students to use Chinese in real  life.

Courses for preparatory student  class are designed for beginners who will study major after one year.  There are 30 hours a week and 18 weeks one semester. We have designed  Chinese comprehensive, Chinese listening, reading, phonetic, etc. In  order to help students to pass HSK4 in one year, HSK4 tutoring course is  also provided. In addition, specialized Chinese course of science and  technology, mathematics are designed to help students to prepare for  major studying.

There are two  different types for short-term program, including the regular program  and the special designed program. Summer camp is the regular program,  which includes Chinese language courses, Chinese cultural lectures, and  cultural experience classes for 4 weeks. In addition, we organize  students to visit many places of interest in Beijing, including the  Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the National Stadium, the Houhai, and watch Chinese Kungfu Shows, etc.

In  order to help students to know more about Chinese cultures, courses  including Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, paper-cutting, Chinese  knot making, Tai chi, etc are designed. In addition, students build up  a Tai chi team. They learn and practice Chinese shadow boxing and Tai  chi fan after class. They have been presented many excellent shows in  important activities.