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Local government in China's capital city Beijing announced that the COVID-19 control measures imposed during the May Day holiday will temporarily remain in place after the holiday ends on May 4.

Officials from the Beijing Municipal Government made the announcement during a regular press briefing on Wednesday. They didn't specify when the temporary measures would end.

Many public places like libraries, net cafes and gyms were ordered to remain closed, while restaurants continue to offer food in a takeout-only manner.

Additionally, many bus and subway stations were temporarily shut down on the same day. Vehicles will continue to run through these stations but will not stop at them.

For people with special or urgent transportation needs, the city is organizing taxis to create a temporary service.

Furthermore, those who work near the closed stations were advised to work remotely instead of commuting.

Beijing recorded 52 new COVID-19 cases from 3 p.m. Tuesday to 3 p.m. Wednesday. All of the new patients have been transported to hospitals for quarantine and treatment.

The municipality tested 19.9 million people on Tuesday and found three tubes of samples showing positive results.

The "Beijing health kit," a form of health code service, has been upgraded to display the code, recent test records and vaccination status on the same page.

Beijing conducted regional testing on Tuesday and Wednesday and will do the same on Thursday.

Officials advised residents to remain vigilant about the virus and follow personal control measures.