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Beijing is rolling out its mass COVID-19  vaccination plan to the general public, with residents aged 18-59  signing up for a COVID-19 shot.

Within two hours, medical workers  at a temporary vaccination site in Beijing finished giving 1,600  residents their first shots of the COVID-19 vaccine on Sunday morning.

"We've  set up different areas for waiting, screening, registration, inoculation and observation. In the waiting area, there are 180 seats  for people to wait indoors, because it's still cold outside," said Zhang  Shuanglin, a community worker on the site.

About 60 medical workers from the Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital have been dispatched to the temporary site. 

"Our  doctors and nurses started to work at 7:30 this morning. We have senior doctors working in the screening area because it's important for us to  know about the recipients' health conditions before they get the  injections," said Qiao Manhua, a medical worker onsite.

People there said they didn't hesitate to sign up. 

"It  doesn't hurt at all. I didn't feel any discomfort. I received the  notice from the community about two weeks ago, and I immediately  registered. Since China has the vaccines which are available, I didn't  have any hesitation," said Beijing resident Yan Guanghao.

"A  community worker called me last week, so my parents and I come to get  vaccinated today. Afterwards we'll feel more safe traveling to other  cities for work or study," said Beijing resident Xu Yutong.

This  is just one of the hundreds of vaccination sites across the city. All 16  administrative districts of Beijing have started the vaccination  program.

Residents can register by scanning QR codes sent out by  their communities. The community workers will then arrange the  inoculation.

Staff on the site say this round will last for months in Beijing to make sure that anyone who wants the vaccination can get it.

China  has started vaccinating key groups with higher risk of infections such  as medical workers, taxi drivers and cold-chain workers since last year.  About 30 million doses have been administered nationwide so far.

The  Chinese government has promised to provide COVID-19 vaccines free of  charge. It has also said that the disbursement on COVID-19 vaccines will  not affect the daily medical treatment of residents.