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2022-06-07  |  

A new version of the Health Kit app has been launched with upgraded features for users.

The home page statement of the new version has been adjusted to clearly inform users that the Health Kit is only available to people outside China, and the option of "Country/Region" has been added to the front-end login portal of the Health Kit mini-program. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots shall use mainland travel permits as the certificate to log in and passport will not be an option for them. Foreign nationals can log in with their passports.


The new version of the Health Kit is consistent with the functions of Jiankang Bao(健康宝), and people from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and foreign countries can scan the QR code only once to present their health status, nucleic acid test results and vaccination status. The page reflects the results of the latest nucleic acid test and the number of days after the test is completed, which is calculated based on the time of your latest nucleic acid test. The new version also adjusts users' vaccination status to four categories including "No vaccination record", "Basic immunization not completed", "Basic immunization completed" and " Booster immunization completed".


If the linked phone numbers are different on WeChat and AliPay, the travel history related to both phone numbers needs to be checked. After adding the function of renewing the linked number, Health Kit users can then change their phone numbers in the "Personal Center" (个人中心). Generally, the linked phone number should be renewed at the original platform where it was initially linked. That means the phone number linked on WeChat should be renewed on WeChat and the phone number linked on AliPay should be renewed on AliPay. During the 14 days after renewing the phone number, the original one will still be checked in terms of travel history (gray color will be applied to the displayed status, with a countdown to invalidation). The original phone number will be totally invalidated after 14 days and will no longer be checked.


The pop-up has been optimized in the new version and a mark for commuters between Beijing and neighboring areas has been added.


[Photo via Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal Government]

(Source: The People's Government of Beijing Municipality )