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2021-01-21  |  

Recently, some feedbacks have been received by the Health Kit about frequently failing to access to the Green Code for itinerary verification upon entering or returning to Beijing. Out of the common cases, we have listed some frequently asked questions concerning itinerary verification for you.

I. "Beijing" not filled in the form for itinerary verification

It happens that people forget to add Beijing to the list of their visited places in last 14 days when they arrive at or return to Beijing. Beijing is not a default option in the form, so it needs to be added manually as well. Please don't skip it.

II. Incomplete travel information contradicting the travel itinerary record

Inaccurate travel information in last 14 days results in such contradiction to the itinerary record. "Click to Query" is available at the bottom of the page in case you don't remember or are not sure about your recent travels, which will help provide recorded destinations above the county/district level for your reference when inputting your travel information.

III. Different mobile numbers bound to WeChat and Alipay

In this situation, two different mobile numbers will be shown in personal info in the Health Kit. Itinerary verification is required for both of the two numbers. One will not pass the verification until all the numbers are confirmed and verified. Please follow the steps below.

1. If you have bound the same mobile number on both WeChat and Alipay:

A. Get and enter verification code

B. Fill in the places you have visited within 14 days

C. Complete verification

2. If you have bound different mobile numbers on WeChat and Alipay:

A. Get and fill in the verification code of the first mobile number

B. Fill in the places you have visited within 14 days

C. Get and fill in the verification code of the second mobile number

D. Fill in the places you have visited within 14 days

E. Complete verification

Ⅳ. Incorrect mobile positioning near border areas

A few cases were reported that the mobile positioning is incorrect for people who have been to border areas such as Shenzhen bordering Hong Kong, or Yunnan Province bordering Myanmar. Please contact operators for assistance if the location accessed on the mobile phone is outside the Chinese mainland due to mobile signal or positioning issues.

What's more, you may also receive pop-up alerts if you have been to medium- and high-risk areas in Beijing. Please contact your community or relevant units immediately to comply with pandemic prevention and control regulations.