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2020-06-29  |  


Open since December of 2003, Grand Pacific Mall is presently one of the largest mall in Beijing (the capital of China).

Grand Pacific Mall is located in the central business area, with a good business environment and excellent services. The mall is well designed with world-class equipment, including lighting systems, audio equipment, elevators and bathrooms. Above all, the mall is home to many international-level brands, fashionable and trendy elements and the best service.

grand pacific mall.jpg

Grand Pacific Mall [Photo via]

The Grand Pacific Mall has a large variety of cuisine services, including both featured Chinese food and world famous brands like Pizza Hut, KFC, Haagen Daz, Fruit Fishing, Bread Talk, CHAMATE, Tous Les Jours, LeJazz, Jiajingxuan Restaurant, Kyo-Nishi Restaurant and  Starbucks. These food services meet the needs of different customers.

Opening time: 10:00am-22:00pm


Services of Grand Pacific Mall:

Consultation, First Aid, Parking Coupons, Shopping-bags(Not free), Customers' Feedback, Baby Carriage Renting, Sewing Kit, Local Area Network, Bus Route Information, Lost-&-Found, Taxi Ordering during the rainy seasons and Help finding lost kids.


Xidan Commercial Street

Xidan is one of the most famous commercial zones in Beijing, which covers 5.4 kilometers from Xuanwumen to Xinjiekouhuokou. Xidan commercial zone consists of Beijing Xidan Department Store, Xidan Shopping Center、Xidan Saite Mall, Zhongyou Department Store, the newly-built Xidan Cultural Square, Beijing Books Building, Civil Aviation Building,Beijing Concert Hall, Capital Cinema、Cultural Palace of Nationalities, and Xidan Times Square.