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2020-06-29  |  

Dashilanr Buisness Street [Photo via]

Dashilanr Business Street is a famous commercial street outside Qianmen. Now the term Dashilanr is also used to refer to the area comprising, besides Dashilanr itself, also the Langfang Toutiao Lane, Liangshidian Street and Meishi Street. Dashilanr is in the central area of Beijing and serves as an important part of the southern section of the central axis of Beijing. It is located to the south of Tiananmen Square and the west of Qianmen Street. The overall length of Dashilanr is 275m from east to west. Since 1420 (the 18th year of Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty), Dashilanr has gradually been developed into a crowded business street after 500-odd years. Now there are 36 stores covering 11 industries in Dashilanr.

Over many years, everything has changed except noisiness. The silk shops, Refosian silk store,  Neiliansheng shoe store, Liubiju pickle shop and Rong Bao Zhai are still in the 100-year ancient houses, while Tongrentang, Zhangyiyuan, Chang Chun Tang and Yue Sheng Zhai Restaurant have renovated their stores. In addition, other foreign foods are in complete harmony and together form a brand-new catering culture. However, because the whole business environment in Beijing is improved, the center of retail industry is no longer in the Qianmen. And thus the commercial status of Dashilanr declines.

Address: Dashilanr Business Street, Xicheng District